Friday, August 4, 2017

Recovering The Sofa For The Trailer

The sofa in our little camper is finished. 
It is a cutie.

The neighbor came out to see the trailer that we had parked just to the right of his driveway. 
He'd worked in the manufactured home industry for 30 years. 
I lamented on the hideousness of the fabric to justify the fact that I was ripping out almost pristine upholstery.
Pristine until you take into account the dance party that the mice had one winter.
After he recovered from the realization that we didn't park our mice infested vehicle in front of his house, he mentioned that typically those in the industry tried to spend about $1.00 a yard for the fabric.  
Well, that explains it! 
Palm frond collage? No! No! No! 
I'm opposed to the use of palm fronds except on Palm Sunday or for homes situated near the beach.
I make an exception and allow their use in summer decor if a beach trip is planned or has just been taken.
I am very strict about these guidelines.  
Palm fronds in a camper in the middle of Texas?

I've done this a little backwards. I should have found the fabric for the sofa before I found the fabric for the windows but I was trying to do what I could while Bill was at work.

I wanted his input for the sofa.

I hit every fabric store in town except for one.
We took a break from the flooring to go have a look at a little local shop that has been in the Town of Pantego forever. 
He has current stock but he also has some stock from about 20 years ago. 
Think big puffy florals and fruit motifs.

I had this fabric and I loved it!
Styles have changed haven't they?

I originally wanted gray denim which I thought would wear well. 
He sold 30 yards of it the day before. It wasn't meant to be, I guess. 
We found a gray that would coordinate with the curtains and the flooring we picked out.
We purchased 6 yards. We spent around $150.00 for it and the accent fabric for Bill's lumbar pillow.

Camper/Trailer stuff is a little odd. 
The fabric was held on by rings rather than staples. The upholstery guy said he didn't have anything like them and that they were probably fabricated at the manufacturer.

He agreed with me that sewing the new fabric onto the existing fabric was the best way to go. 

That is what I did. I wrapped the new fabric around the cushion and sewed it to the the underneath side.
It took a little longer than the Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightly - not that 8 hour movie put out by the BBC.
After it was over, I turned on Going RV so I could look at more $1.00 a yard fabric selections.
Couldn't they upgrade to $2.00 a yard?
Just sayin. 
I felt wonderful about our choices after viewing an episode or two.

It was pretty easy going once I found the best needle and thread for the job.
The needle had a slight curve.

The thread had to be heavy duty to hold the fabric in place.

The false front of the sofa was easy because it was stapled.

Bill was able to reassemble the sofa by attaching the back and bottom onto the pull out sofa/bed mechanism.

The front was screwed into the plywood base of the sofa.

You have gotten a sneak peek at the finished product but please come back for more about our trailer.
Have a great day.
P.S. Thank you for your prayers about our "lemon" situation.
I'll have such a praise to share next week.

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  1. I love the new look to your sofa!! I am so excited to get started working on ours.

  2. What?!? That $1/yd palm frond material doesn't turn you on?!?!! lol Love your choices. They are soothing and easy to live with. Good job and that was smart to just go over the old material; being as it was in good condition.
    Hope you have a great weekend, Katie. xo Diana

  3. The gray looks great, but I like that old bark cloth style fabric too :-) I reupholstered the seats in my husband's pickup, and learned about those rings - they're called hog rings, and are quite easy to use. I didn't purchase 'official' upholstery hog rings, I went with actual hog rings (and the associated plyers) from Tractor Supply.

  4. Oh it is so much better now! You are doing a beautiful job...I Love your choices!

  5. Katie,
    You are amazing... with all your upholstery... There doesn't seem be anything you can't figure out and do in a reasonable amount of time. The new RV sofa look is so much better than the palm leaves. I have rules about palm leaves, too... NEVER.