Friday, August 18, 2017

The Trailer Privacy Curtain

There is a curtain that separates the bedroom from the living room and kitchen in the trailer. 
At first I didn't think we needed to put that curtain back up but Bill insisted that it was crucial.
 He likes to get up early and read. I like to sleep in.
I can be a tad grumpy before I've had my coffee.
I may or may not make angry faces when I'm grumpy.

For the sake of harmony, this curtain needed to be made.

Shopping for the trailer fabric took some time.

We wanted coordinating grays.
I couldn't find the same fabric for the window curtains and the privacy curtain.
When I went back to Walmart to get more panels for the privacy drape, the slate color was already discontinued.
It ended up being fortuitous because there was a lighter weight, black out option instead and it was cheaper too. The four panels were only $20.00.
Harmony doesn't have to be expensive.
 This curtain measured 120 inches wide by 66 inches long so it took a lot of fabric.

The privacy curtain had a special plastic tape sewn onto the top of the treatment.
White plastic clips interspersed along the tape, glide along a special track that is attached to the ceiling.

We were able to get the curtain off by unscrewing the last screw near the wall. Once that was done, we were able to bend the track away from the wall.
The curtain slipped right off of the track.

Saving the old curtain with the plastic tape was very important.
We had a throw away pile and a save pile when we cleaned out the trailer in June.
The old curtain could not be thrown away until I removed the tape with a seam ripper.

To make the new treatment, I sewed the four panels together.
It was time to attached the plastic tape to the tops of the panels.

I used the zipper foot to sew the tape onto the new curtain.

The zipper foot maneuvered perfectly around the clips.
Sewing through the plastic was not a problem.
Once the new drape was hemmed and ironed, we slipped it back onto the track and screwed the end of the track back into the ceiling.

A tieback with a snap holds the curtain in place when not in use.

All our grays coordinate!

Now the early riser will not disturb the grump.

That is the latest in this series.
Thanks for stopping in.
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  2. Looking so great. Love the curtain divider. Your trailer looks so cozy and comfy. Enjoy.

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