Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Lesson In The Ripples

A family member was going through something difficult recently. 
I asked him what he thought he was supposed to be learning. 
He had some lessons ruminating around his brain but he didn't have the exact lesson pinned down.
 I shared with him that his hard time wasn't just a learning experience for him. 
There were lessons to be learned for everyone connected to him.
Everyone in his circle had something that could to be learned, much like the concentric ripples after a pebble has been thrown into the water.

This seems to be true for Harvey. 
The people of the Gulf are the in the center of the circle. 
Everyone else falls into the outer ripples and there are lessons to be learned. 

I kept crying out to God to calm the storm. 
Much like Jesus did in Mark 4:35-41.  

I know that the Lord could have rebuked the storm as the words suggest in verse 39.

39 He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” 
Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

He chose not to for some reason.

It occurred to me that He had a greater lesson in rescuing people in the midst of the storm. 
I am not at all suggesting that the victims have not had deep trials and suffering this week - they have! 
I'm praying that God is showing Himself to those affected and displaced and that He is near and dear to them in their time of distress.  

I think there will be powerful stories in the days to come from those "in the eye" of the storm.
I think there will be unbelievable stories from both the victims and the rescuers. 

We're already seeing ripple lessons playing out across the internet for those of us in the outer bands.
I challenge you to find the one that applies to you. 

I've written this post four times. 
This has been such a burden on my heart the last few weeks.  
The first three posts followed along the lines of some of the memes you might have seen floating around the internet contradicting the narrative that we are a racist country. 
I've known very few actual racists. Most of them are dead. 
 I've seen how their bigotry subtly translates into conversation and actions.
There are no white hoods but there is hateful discrimination.

I don't feel like a privileged, white person because I know my life story. 
My childhood was difficult. 
We've had hard times, pain and loss. 
However, if you look at me, I look prosperous and I look like I've had it easy. 
The thought occurred to me that if others knew my story, I wouldn't be judged based on how I look. 

I nearly fell to the floor.
I really have no idea what it is like to be judged based on my appearance. 
I can only imagine what it would be like to feel continual judgement because of 
race, religion, skin color, or sexuality. 

There has been a cacophony of voices screaming across the airwaves the last few weeks.
We've all seen the disturbing images, heard the stories, and read the opinions on all sides.
It was like God in His power yelled, "Be still" to the storms that were brewing before Harvey made landfall.

We need healing.
We need ears to hear.
I needed self examination and sorrow for the way others have been treated and continued to be treated.
That was my lesson in the ripple.

Praying for Texas, Louisiana and for our country on this day of prayer.
May He be close to the broken hearted.



  1. You've given us all a lot to think about. Like you, my childhood was far from what my life is now. I laugh at anyone who dares to think I came from a privileged white background. My parents divorced when I was 5. My mother remarried my wonderful step-father, a Japanese-American, whose parents immigrated to America before he was born. My little brother and sister are half-Japanese American, another sister has three adorable half-black grandchildren, four of my cousins are half Mexican American...It goes on and on. And I consider my family typical American! I truly believe the people who perpetuate the "racist" issue do so for profit.

  2. That is a beautiful post. I have had something similar in my heart too. There has been flooding in many areas this year. And beginning last year (as far as my memory goes lately��), We had a hurricane that also caused devastation in our area. I think this is God's way of saying "listen up people. I'm still in charge! "Be still and know I am God"!

  3. Thank you, Katie for sharing your heart. Yes, I cried out to the Lord to stop the rain, too! It has been an emotional week seeing all the devastation. There are many life lessons to learn. You are so right life has ripple effects.
    You have a writing gift that I wish I had. I am struggling to put my thoughts and emotions in writing. Many things to ponder here.