Saturday, September 2, 2017

As Boring As Blood Pathogen Training/Carpet and The Mattress For The Trailer

Most of my regular readers know that I retired from teaching in May. 
I made the decision in January which was heart wrenching. 
In February, I realized that one the "bright sides" was not having to endure anymore blood borne pathogen training. 
I don't know if you've ever had to sit through one of these training seminars. Boring.
I guess they assume that teachers will start touching blood in between refresher sessions because this training has to be done once a year.
Maybe they know that teachers would give their own life for a student so therefore expose themselves to blood if it were required to help a child.
Who knows?
This post may be as boring as Blood Borne Pathogen Training but it is necessary to get to the wonderful reveal. 
There was carpet next to the bed. The area under the bed was chip board.
We needed to re-carpet because of the winter long mouse party a few years ago.
We wanted to put carpet under the bed as well to possibly improve comfort. 
Bill went to Home Depot and got a few samples.
We picked out a nice dove gray that coordinates with our other elements.

It was around $10.98 a square yard.
I really can't remember how many square yards we got but we had plenty.
Bill calculated how many yards we needed because it was math. Math makes my head hurt.

He did a measurement and cut it.

He took it to the trailer and tacked, stretched, and trimmed it all around the perimeter.
We stretched it as much as we could but we didn't have one of those carpet stretching tools.
We used the electric staple gun he got for Christmas.
I love this thing.

Cutting carpet is a little nerve wracking but it does have a little give if you make a mistake and need to pull it tighter to the wall.
We used a razor blade knife.

We didn't do the closets. The mice didn't have their wild dance party in there.

Next to the couch there were some very groovy drink holders made out of plywood and covered in the palm frond fantasy fabric.

They were not permitted re-entry into the trailer.
They didn't really hold anything but a bottle of water and Bill needs a spot for his coffee.

We were going to make some nice teak trays but we were nearing the point of, "I'm over it."
We decided I would carpet the area next to the couch.
I should interject at this point that I wanted to take the couch out and put in a regular loveseat but the slide out mechanism made that impossible.

The strange fold down couch bed will have to do but at least it has nice new carpet next to it.

Bill ordered a new Memory Foam mattress, mattress pad and sheet set off of Amazon.
We tried to shop local but they didn't have what we needed.
We got the Zinus Sleep Master Ultima for $379.48.
The mattress came all rolled up and shrink wrapped.
It needed to be unrolled within a day.

The mattress pad came from eLuxury Supply.
This company had a hand written thank you note inside and is owned by a veteran.
 They were amazing to deal with.

We really hope this is way more comfortable than the old bed which came with the trailer.
We should have gotten an upgrade years ago.
Hopefully our backs will notice that this is an upgrade from the old mattress.

Gray and black Camper Queen bed, White paint.

Gray and black Camper Queen bed, White paint.

That is it for now.
Thanks for sitting through this post.
I appreciate you all so much.
Thank you to those that take the time to leave a comment.
I try to eventually email you back unless you are a no-reply blogger.
If you are a no-reply blogger, please know that I always read and appreciate very comment.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Maybe you get to go camping!

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  1. Your new bed looks so cute and comfy! I'm not bored in the least; I love reading everything about redoing your trailer. New carpet makes everything feel so nice and I like the color you picked out. Can't wait to see more as you go along. You're doing a fabulous job on it!

  2. Your new bed looking stunning !! love it..

    Please visit:

  3. I didn't find your post that boring. That mattress looks very comfy. I admire all the work you all have done in your camper. I can't wait to hear about the places you will go!

  4. Hi Katie. Great post and right up my alley. If we decide to keep our motorhome (yay one minute, nay the next) I have always wanted to put new carpet in. Ours is a really light beige, and humans and dogs are not meant for that color. Our sofa is placed just like yours, on the slide, so would probably just have to go right up to it. Since ours is a motohome it seems a hard task to put under and up to the dash. Anyway yours is looking really good. Won't it be nice to have it feel all brand new..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy