Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I Wasn't Feeling It Fall Home Tour/Fall In Love With Texas

Hi everyone, 
Welcome to the Fall In Love With Texas Blog Tour.

I started this post two weeks ago when we got home from France. 
It was 95° outside.  That's Texas for you.
I was not in the mood for fall.

Suddenly the temperature dropped a little and I was all about fall. 
I was not the only one. 
There was a veritable frenzy over pumpkins, hay bales, sunflower seed heads, scarecrows, and corn stalks at my produce store. 
The customers were scurrying around like squirrels burying their nuts.
I'm so thankful for even a little drop in temperature.

Welcome to our fall home tour.

I've stacked a few pumpkins on the front porch. 
A good blogger has to stack her pumpkins - just FYI. 
I started with only one pumpkin but I felt like I was letting the internet down so I went and got a few more and stacked them.

The concrete squirrel was an antique store find. He's been waiting to be the star of the front porch since June. 

A favorite antique bookend rests on the dresser in the entry way.

He's so cute.

The dining room got a new galvanized pumpkin and a silvered acorn.

A good blogger also has to have something galvanized. It's in the official rule book.
I seriously love this new pumpkin. I got it at Hobby Lobby.
I had the acorn already but they make a perfect pair.

Baby Boo pumpkins are also de-rigger. 
I've got them coming out the wazoo.

They are adorable.

It's all about copper in our kitchen.

I'll be back to share more about that later in the week.

I thought you'd like to see how the kitchen relates to the living room. It's a semi open concept but it's closed off enough that you can't see the dirty dished during a dinner party.

I switched up the pillows in the living room before we went to France.

I followed the odd number design rule.
There are three Baby Boo pumpkins on the mantel and three on the coffee table.

I'm a rule follower.

The rest of the greenery was clipped from the back yard. 
It was all going well until I heard a giant sounding bee.

I ran for my life. 
The green glass rose bowls are used for candles. I got the largest one from a student. 
The small one came form the thrift store.
These look so pretty on an autumn evening. 

That is about it.
(I hope you know when I'm trying to be tongue in cheek.) 
I'll be back with more of the garden room and more of the kitchen.
A big thank you to Stacey @ Poofing the Pillows. Her rallying cry got us all together. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
Be sure to visit the other Texas bloggers on our tour.  

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  1. All I can say is that for not feeling it, Katie, you sure went for it, and did such a great job of Fall decor for your beautiful home! I love all your special touches, starting with your welcoming outside and then all through you home. Your green rose bowls are so sparkly. I have many clear ones and just love them. Thank you for organizing us and for sharing your home.

  2. Katie, I certainly understand you're reluctance to start fall decorating. Thankfully, the weather turned just in time for our Fall in Love with Texas Blog Tour. Love how you've used pumpkins throughout your home. And your kitchen is awesome, too.

  3. How lovely Katie...I so enjoyed the tour of your home...wishing you a lovely fall season.

  4. I hear you when it comes to our Texas weather! I am LONGING for some fall temperatures! Your tour is lovely. I adore your pretty kitchen and mantel. I'm excited to be participating in the tour tomorrow. Pinning! Blessings, Cecilia

  5. You have a beautiful home. I have a squirrel just like yours on the porch. He is faded now, but after looking at yours he may get a new paint job next spring. I also like how you arrange things in trays and what an idea of making a tray out of what looks like a cabinet door? May steal that idea too.

  6. Oh, dear one, you do have the most beautiful home...and such a talent for decorating. I loved your tour...I hope to join in again next year, if the Good Lord's willing.

  7. Everything looks lovely. So glad I stopped by today!

  8. So pretty, Katie!! Your home is so elegant. I'm swooning over those green crystal votives! Happy Fall! xoxo!

  9. Wow I love your white walls with the dark furniture in the kitchen. Looks so pretty. You cracked me up with the rule following quip.

  10. I always love seeing your home Katie but especially with all your fall cozy touches. Love your porch. Happy New Week.

  11. Katie, for someone who wasn't feeling it, you did a great job. I've been slow to rally myself, but the rain and cooler temps have helped. Gotta have the pumpkins on the front porch. Unfortunately the squirrels around my pumpkins are the real deal. I have to scare them away from making a meal out of the pumpkin stack.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home dressed for fall.
    Oh, and please add me to tomorow's list. I have my post ready for Wednesday. Thanks!

  12. I have the same copper kettle! I love all the touches you have here and yes, I haven't been feeling it either. One day I must do the photos but till then I'll revel in yours and the others! Lovely!

  13. Katie your mantle is absolutely stunning! I adore your collection of green glassware. The cute squirrels sprinkled about made me smile.

  14. I adore those green glass rose bowls! They are so very elegant! Love all of your Fall! Thanks for sharing with us! Happy Fall! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  15. Katie,
    You are right. Must have Baby Boos, and you can never have too many. Great job creating Fall even when you weren't feeling it.