Monday, October 30, 2017

Thoughts About Retirement

You may recall that I retired at the end of the school year last May. 

"How is retirement?" is a question I get asked a lot. 
How is retirement? 

Now that summer is over and we are home from our trip to France, I'm in the midst of my new normal. 

Life is as busy as ever. 

There is housework. 

Food prep and shopping. 

For some strange reason, we like to wear clean clothes everyday. 
Laundry usually takes an entire day. 
I only worked three days a week but it is nice to have the extra time to get my chores done. 
What about the rest of the time? 
 I've struggled a little with feeling like I have value, now that I'm not working. 
Society places a lot of importance on what we are doing and how we are contributing financially to our family units. 
"What do you do all day?" is one of the questions that I've gotten. 
"Do you get out of your pajamas?" 
"You're too young to retire." 
"You will get bored." 

The summer didn't feel any different to me since I'm always home in the summer.
Boredom crept in a little once we got home from France. 

Just FYI - Clothes are worn everyday.

To fill the days, I've been volunteering at my favorite resale shop.
I've gotten a lot of good stuff from there over the years so getting a first hand look at the junk that comes in is a thrill.  

So far I love putting merchandize out and straightening up the floor.
Tagging the clothes isn't my favorite because the racks are a little tall and hard to reach. 

I'm also on the sub list at my old school and they have called a few times. 
It's fun to interact with my former students, get to know new ones, and teach different grade levels. 
Teaching Spanish was a trick since I don't speak Spanish but it was a success, thanks to Google. 
Jr. High was not my best experience.
"I will let you have your phone, if you will just stop talking."
I love getting to see all my former co-workers. 

Bill and I used to go our separate ways on Saturdays. Now we are running errands together. 
There will always be things that pop up. It's great to have the flexibility to take care of people. 

I know that I'm a little young to retire so I'm open to new opportunities that will produce income. 
We are very blessed so we don't need the extra money. I spent money because I was earning a little cash. This is a lifestyle and decor blog so intrinsically it may seem to be very materialistic but I've always been super frugal (cheap) so doing a little spending doesn't have to be expensive. Letting go of the extra spending money from my salary was part of our retirement thought process. So far the extra income isn't missed and my brain doesn't need much reprograming with regard to the value placed on being a homemaker. 

There was a calling placed on my life to teach. 
Getting called away from that took some doing. Many, many things told me that it was time. 
I'm a bit stubborn so it took some clear signs for me to see the writing on the wall. 
I don't know if there is a job in my future. I think it's okay if there isn't. I'll adjust to my new normal.
There will always be ways to fill the hours during the day now that I'm being more proactive and stepping out of my comfort zone.
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 
Have a wonderful day! 


  1. You'll adjust and you will not get bored. I promise!

    It's amazing how busy you can be just taking care of and enjoying life. ;)

  2. Katie,
    Being retired gives you the flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities. You never know what lies around the bend. Visiting France in the off season and spending Saturdays with Bill are but two of the opportunities you were not able to do while you worked. Eyes open... truly today is the first day of the rest of your amazing life.


  3. My husband is retiring very soon, and while I have online work I do, my schedule is pretty open. It will be very different! I am looking forward to having the freedom to do what we want, when we want...and we have lots to do to keep busy. Subbing sounds like a good way for you to transition!

  4. Welcome to the world of retirement! I retired early and my husband retired 5 years later. I must confess I loved my "alone time" during the week before he retired. I found I had to divide the chores and assign some to the hubs or we didn't get things done. Now Wed and Sat are "work" days where he vacuums and I do the laundry, and we both change the sheets and clean the bathrooms. Last Halloween we bought a new pickup and sold our old pickup and car. We go everywhere together so it seemed to make sense to just have one vehicle to maintain. Wrong! We are looking to buy a new car this year because sometimes a girl just needs to go thrift shopping or run to Hobby Lobby and retired men seem to think it's a good idea to drive the wife and wait outside for her (in the Texas heat no less) which makes the wife feel guilty about taking her time. So that's my warning...don't get too practical and give up your car! The car is your lifeline to girl stuff.

  5. Hi Katie,
    I got the same feelings when I retired from being a nurse to staying home and watching my two grand girls a couple days a week. I find I am busier now being home than when I was working. My days are full. I love being independent and not having a schedule to keep. I felt like you in the beginning that I would be bored or feel less valued. I retired at 50 so everyone always said to me what are you going to do next?!!!! Like I had to have a plan!!!! I did sub as an RN in the school district and did love that. I could do that and still watch the grand girls so that was great. I think you will find your nitche and what will make you feel good about your new normal. Just give it some time. I am a night owl too so it is nice to not have to rise and shine early in the mornings! That is a plus.

  6. Lindo. Feliz dia. Cumprimentos.

  7. So many of your comments echo what has happened in my life recently. At the beginning of summer, I quit a part-time job that I had worked at for a long time -- but it was time to leave. I have truly enjoyed the freedom of being able to be spontaneous in our travels, rather than being stuck to a schedule where I had to ask off over a month in advance for a vacation day. And, because I used to work a lot of Saturdays, my husband and I are spending every Saturday together now, just because we can. I am also volunteering and visiting others while I decide what my next step is. As the holidays approach, I am a little nervous about not having my "fun" money, but so excited I won't have to work Thanksgiving weekend when my children will be home!!!

  8. I don't know how I had a job with all that occurred after retirement -- trips and art and volunteer work and keeping house, being a better and more present friend. You will find your answer and the right thing will resonate with you. What is wonderful is knowing you have the option to try something new or old, fail or dislike it or fall in love with it. Your choice, your schedule, your life.