Friday, November 24, 2017

Stable Makeover and Sainte Chapelle in Paris

Good news!
Inspiration finally hit after 34 years. 

My parents gave me the creche that was in use when I was a child. 
Our Goebel Holy Family rested within the spire. The traditional style of the Holy Family was incongruent with the groovy style of the window. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph have ended up in other various locations through out the years. They were always creche-less. 
The groovy manger ended up in the top of the hall closet. It has been displayed one time in 34 years. 

I just couldn't seem to let it go.  
I fondly remember staring at the glowing stained glass.  
It was electrified with a small Christmas bulb. 
I have often wondered about its origins. Did my dad make it? Where would have have gotten the stained glass?
I've never seen another one like it. 
Inspiration struck the other morning. 
After two coats of white paint, the groovy window was transformed into a shabby chic groovy window. 
It's an improvement. 
It is. 

My sheep collection is nestled inside this makeshift shelter. 
Segments from my favorite green garland give it some holiday cheer. 
So cute. 

When we were in France, Bill kept calling Mont Saint Michel - Mont Saint Chapelle. 
We all had great pleasure in correcting his mis-naming the landmark. 
He had the last laugh. 
 As we were walking around Paris, we found Sainte Chapelle. 
He'd seen pictures of it online and he knew that it was a jewel. 
I have since seen it as part of a list of ten under the radar sites in Paris. 
We all had to agree after our visit. 

You enter into an undercroft. 

It was beautiful but Bill had read that this church was supposed to be stunning. 
This lower level was not stunning. 

We followed the crowd up a spiral staircase. 
When we entered the chapel at the top of the stairs we were awestruck.    

The chapel was built to house Christian relics. 
The crown of thorns was reported to be among the relics. 

1113 scenes are depicted in the stain glass panels. 

A look at the round stained glass had visitors literally gasping because of the beauty. 

I sought to find the story of the birth of our Savior. 

It was our favorite church in France. It actually felt like a church and not just a building. 

This is something you must see if you get to visit Paris. 

The Gothic shape of my little creche reminds me of our trip to the fabulous Saint Chapelle. 

I love my little sheep collection. 

It was my first project of this Christmas season and I love it! 
Thanks so much for stopping by to have a look. 


  1. How adorable! Painting it white made all the difference.

  2. I love your little sheep collection too. Happy Holidays.
    Audrey Z.

  3. Love your sweet little sheep collection. Wow that church is stunning. How absolutely gorgeous.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

  4. Sainte Chapelle is so incredible and I almost missed it. We had been walking all day and I didn't want to climb one more set of steps. My daughter went up the stairs and immediately came back and said Mom you don't want to miss this. She was right. It was one of the highlights of our trip to France. Second only to the Eiffel Tower.

  5. Hearing a concert in Sainte Chappele was one of my favorite moments in France and I'll never forget the awe the first time I came up those tiny stairs and into the sanctuary. Your photos are magnificent.

    And I love your lambs and the beautiful stained glass creche. I'm so glad you revamped it. It's lovely.