Thursday, November 30, 2017

Visiting Versailles

"So... I can see how that whole revolution thing happened." 
That summed up my reaction to the Palace of Versailles. 
If you have been around "Let's Add Sprinkles" for a while, you will know that I love pretty things. 
I'm not opposed to even a few expensive pretty things if the budget allows but - Versailles was just over the top. It seemed a lesson in excess just for the sake of excess. 
I realize that I'm on the 20/20 side of history and that clearly the masses were dissatisfied while the royals were gilding everything. 
Either way, it was my least favorite site in France. 

I'll share a few pictures so you can get the idea. 

I took quite a few pictures of the daughters' suites only because I thought these had pretty elements in spite of my feelings about the rest of the palace. 

I asked Bill if we could get some molding like this but he said no.

I realize that all of this has been recreated during numerous restoration efforts.
 I guess it's realistic but of all the places we visited, I had the least interest in learning more about it after we got home. 
I will say that it is worth the train ride and the price of admission. 
The gardens were amazing but I still didn't really care for the whole experience.
 I got weird, oppressive vibes all day but it wouldn't have been a trip to France without a look at the Palace of Versailles and its iconic French design.
Have you been there? 

Here is the lineup for our blog tour next week. 

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  1. Magnificent. I didn't get here during my trip and it is wonderful to see it through your eyes.

  2. Oh Katie this is beautiful. I agree the palace at that time was over the top and the poor people were starving. Sad but true. I love that molding too I would like that for my house!!! Love the cherub corners of the molding so pretty.