Tuesday, December 26, 2017

What Is Boxing Day?

It's the day after Christmas. 
It's Boxing Day in some countries. 
I was not able to jump on here to wish anyone a Merry Christmas.
I hope you had a wonderful day. 
I was busy! I'm tired but thankful. It was a very good weekend of food, fun, family and fellowship. 
You would be proud of me because for the first time ever, I did not go crazy. 
Each child had three gifts and their stocking/stockings. 

Our youngest is the only one that got the really "big" stocking because he had a pillow from IKEA in his.

We had Hallmark Christmas music on. 
Puppies and kittens run in front of the fireplace while Christmas music plays in the background. 

Dixie has never noticed anything on the T.V. before. Her consternation about the origin of these animals provided great entertainment. She looked out the window and behind the T.V. for them.
So cute. 
I did not have time for any other pictures. 
Today, I plan to go get a case for my new ipad. 
I also plan to stop in at Pier 1 and see if anything good is on sale. 
I'll be back to show off some of gifts once they are staged. 
Thanks for stopping in. 
Have a wonderful Boxing Day. 
(I think it's when you give gifts to those that work for you but don't quote me on that.) 


  1. I was watching Hallmark Yule Log too! And yes, today is Boxing Day. Three cheers. I was too into Christmas to even get on line yesterday too! So Merry Belated and Happy Boxing Day!

  2. Happy Boxing Day, Katie... whatever that means. :)


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