Thursday, January 18, 2018

Six Years Of Blogging

I was so nervous when I hit publish for the first time. 
I had no idea what I was doing.
I've blogged by trial and error most of the time. 
So many times I've thought that it was time to call it quits but then I have something that I just need to say.

Here are some stats. 
I have probably taken 50,000 pictures. There are currently 26,000 in my library. 
977 blog posts have been published. 
120 blog posts are in draft. Many posts have been deleted never to see the light of day. 
I've had 1,347,924 pageviews. 
It took 5 years to hit 1 million. It's taken only a year to get up another 333 thousand.

I brought readers along as I've redecorated almost the whole house.

All the major and most of the minor holidays have received a sprinkling of decor.

I've slipcovered everything except the kitchen sink.

You all thought I would paint every piece of furniture we own. That didn't happen.

We've gone through retirement, illness, and loss.

I've met so many great bloggers in the virtual world. 
Some of them I've met in person. How fun.

People from all over the globe have read my writings.

We've been to France, Alaska, Arkansas, Charleston, Disney World, and New York several times. 

It's always funny to me when I've blogged about something but I haven't talked about it in person. 
Sometimes friends know something not because I've told them, but because they have read it on the blog.
I wonder, "How do they know that?" Then I remember that I blogged about it. 
I assume just strangers read my blog.

Things I dislike: 
Reading an old post and finding a typo. It's just going to happen.  No matter how many times I proof read I'm convinced the brain sees what I am trying to say instead of what I actually typed.
I dislike that some bloggers never, ever visit back no matter how many times I leave a comment.
It is sad when favorite bloggers stop blogging and there is no word as to why.
I get so tired of taking photos.

I love it when bloggers return after a hiatus.
I love it when bloggers share their heart.
I love the relationships that I've made.
I appreciate all of you.
Thank you for every page view and every comment and every link back.

What fun this has been!

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  1. Congratulations! That's wonderful and I'm so glad you are in this blog world!

    I love all the things you like and dislike all your dislikes, too. But mostly I just love all you share. I travel with you, create with you, learn from you. Three cheers!

    (And I was nervous when I hit that first publish and when I go back and look again, bow in shame. But we were learning!)

  2. As Jeanie said...Bow in shame. I know exactly what she means unfortunately. I've learned so much from reading your blog and enjoy every minute of your travel. Just wanted to let you know you are appreciated.

  3. Congratulations!
    Such a lovely post to commemorate!
    I am glad to be a new reader.
    Have a cozy evening. : )

  4. Congratulations Katie. I started just a short time before you and I totally understand that feeling of not knowing what the heck I was doing to hit publish for the first time. It is amazing how far we all have come through the years. I have enjoyed you and your blog.

  5. I love this post! Congratulations on six years. I just realized that I have been blogging that long too and now I want to go figure out my fun! I just recently found you and your blog so I hope you continue for many more years.

  6. Katie,
    Congratulations on six successful years of blogging. I'm out of town again and not blogging right now. When I return I have several posts to put together and will be linking to "Keep In Touch" again. Stay warm.


  7. Congratulations on six years, Katie. I feel lucky to have bumped into you very early in my blogging experience. I enjoy reading your posts and again congratulations.

  8. I have felt so many of the same things in my time blogging as you, especially that proofreading! As I am a columnist (by day), you reach a point when it goes to print, and then there's absolutely nothing you can do!! Another pet peeve we share, is reading blogs and commenting and then getting nothing back. I wouldn't comment on a blog if I didn't feel we had a common thread. But--I've found that some bloggers have achieved instant success and have no reason to visit or comment on other blogs. It's a job to people, and I get that.

    You have hit a few zillion milestones, I applaud you! Congrats, Katie!


  9. Congratulations, Katie! I have just recently found you, but I look forward to following along on your next 6 years! xx Karen

  10. Congratulations! That's wonderful and I'm so glad you are in this blog world!




  11. Happy blogaversary Katie! 6 years is forever in blog years! What I enjoy most about you and your posts is your honest and fresh take on a subject. Your sense of humor, and ability to make us feel like we're right there with you having a conversation. That's a great gift in life. thanks so much for sharing yours with all of us! xoxo Debra

  12. What a great post!!In the almost 8 years that I have been blogging, I have seen a lot of changed in Blogging that have almost made me quit. But then I read a comment from someone and that changes my mind again. I loved seeing all of your stats. I lost all of mine when someone hacked my blog and had to start a new one. That was another time when I almost quit. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    And thanks so much for stopping by!!

  13. I'm just catching up on your blog posts, Katie. Congratulations on six years! I will always remember you as the first person to follow my blog, which meant the world to me! I always love your writing style (and of course, your blog content), and wish you many more years of blogging. What a lovely surprise to see the picture of when we met in this post!!!