Monday, January 22, 2018

What I Got For Christmas

I love YouTube videos featuring Christmas and Birthday hauls.
I thought it would be fun to share what I got for Christmas.
Hopefully, you will feel the same way.
Bill was running a little behind so he took a trip to the outlet mall.

He picked up on my love for green and got this wonderful Le Creuset enamel pot.  It is the #22 or 3.5 quart pot in the color Fennel. The Le Creuset Outlet website doesn't show this color anymore but our store had plenty of it.  I love it. It's a perfect size for the two of us.

He also got a set of dish towels.
Our pot holders weren't that old but they were stained.

There are a couple that fit the handles of the stew pot.
These are heavy duty and well made. I'll try not to stain them.
There is one that slips over the handle of our cast iron skillet.

He usually gets me a Lenox ornament each year. He waited until almost the last minute and as a result ran into some good sales at the mall.
He picked up this cute charcuterie set.


He also found this beautiful copper canister. I'm keeping my hot chocolate in it.

It's super cute with the clock I picked up last week from Walmart.

Along with the ornament, he found this adorable Lenox pick up truck.

 It's still out because it is just too precious!

I love Lenox.

He went to Philly on business a week before Christmas. I would have gone with him but it was a week before Christmas.

He was walking through a market and found a vendor selling French linens. 
He picked up this table runner in green, black, and white. He knocked it out of the park with this one. It's so perfect on our kitchen table. 

He also restocked some craft supplies.

The last thing from Santa was an iPad.
I haven't been able to transition to it for blogging because the Blogger app is garbage but it's great for Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook, email etc.

What do you think? He did such a good job!
He is a generous and thoughtful sweetheart. It's far more than I deserve.

I've been quite busy with a couple of projects. I can't wait to show them to you.
Please come back tomorrow for Keep In Touch.


  1. Sounds like Bill is a topnotch shopper! I love everything he gave you. The pops of green are so pretty in your kitchen. :)

  2. You have taught him well. Looks like he really had what you like in mind. He didn't just buy "something" just so he could say he got you a gift. Well done! I love it all.

  3. Your husband truly has a gift for giving. I need that sweet copper clock!

  4. I would say Bill is a seriously good shopper! And a generous and thoughtful one as well. I love that he picked up things like your green and that you have the ornament tradition. And that table runner is perfect! Bravo to him! And three cheers for you!

  5. Looks like you did well for Christmas!! Joe and I stopped giving each other gifts for Christmas and other occasions about 10 years ago. If we want something, we just go and buy it. Joe is more of a shopper than I m but he knows he has to check with me first before he buys anything or I would have a whole store in my house!! LOL!! I will say if he ever got me a pot as a gift, he would be wearing it on his head!! I HATE to cook! LOL!!

  6. How wonderful that your hubby is such a great shopper and pays attention to detail to match things. The truck is adorable! I love it all.

  7. Your guy is a sweetheart and knows you well. I love le Creuset. My husband bought me several pieces at an outlet mall when he was down in Florida on business a good twenty years ago. When my daughter got married a few years ago, she wanted the large Dutch oven like mine so badly! I caved. Classic. And the potholders are so thoughtful, the table runner the icing on the cake. The Lenox truck is beautiful. I'd keep it out year round!!!

    Great gifts. Some beautiful, some functional, all wonderful! He's a keeper!

    Jane x

  8. Katie,
    Bill, the shopper extraordinaire! Wonderful gifts from one who loves you enough to observe what you like. He is a true treasure.


  9. Katie, you got a good guy!! With good taste, I might add. Love the pop of green on the stove and that table runner is gorgeous. Your kitchen is beautiful too..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  10. I am so impressed with your husband's gifts for you. Love the pops of green in your kitchen. And that french runner is fabulous!

  11. What lovely and thoughtful gifts!
    And your home is beautiful.
    Have a cozy evening.

  12. Bill did good! Seems like you hit the jackpot (both with your gifts, and with your husband)!

  13. Your husband is a very good shopper and seems to know just what you would like. That's a rare quality in him, but why on earth would you say that the things he so thoughtfully gave you are "more than you deserve?" He obviously believes that you deserve them, and you should realize that you deserve them also. Sometimes we women do not recognize our worth. What would your beautiful home be without you??