Monday, February 19, 2018

A Chit Chat About Classic Blue and White

 Is there a scheme more classic than blue and white?
I'm not sure.
If you have followed me a while, you might remember the green glass on our coffee table.
I just knew there would come a day and I would want a change.
That day happened on a Sunday when Hobby Lobby was closed.
I knew that they would have a perfect ginger jar to anchor the space. 
It's a good thing I wasn't craving Chick-fil-A or there would have been a duo of disappointment. 

Patience was exercised and I waited until Monday morning.
As I thought, they had the perfect jar.

We used to have quite a collection of blue and white but it has been a while since we've had this scheme in the main living areas.

The last time, (during the 90s) most of what we had collected came from discount stores, garage sales or thrift stores. Anything that was cheap looking, chipped or broken was given away or sold but I kept the better pieces.
The glass rose bowls were two pieces that we kept because I knew that we'd love them forever.
The flower pot came from Hong Kong. My aunt lived over there during the 80s and 90s.
It needed a little cleaning up since it had been out on the deck but it cleaned up beautifully.

The cabinet in Bill's office had some pretty plates.
The green books were switched for blue ones.


We had the throws.
Hobby Lobby has some great pillow covers in the fabric department. This one landed in my cart. It was $9.99.

The butterfly is came from the thrift store a while ago.

Is it fun or creepy? Let me know your thoughts.   

Don't worry. Green still has a good showing
According to my new favorite decorating book, blue and green are complementary colors and work well together. 
You can pre-order now. I've heard Amazon is already shipping these out.

So let's talk about this color combination.
I did a lot of running around town looking for accessories.
In total, I went to 13 stores.

IKEA - no (their blue is sort of a Federal color - almost 80s country blue)
Michaels  - no.
Joann - no.
Big Lots - no.
Walmart - no.
Pier 1 - they had an owl and a giant urn - that shocked me a little.
T.J. Maxx - no.
Hobby Lobby - yes.
Tuesday Morning - yes.
I didn't check Target, Kirklands or World Market.
My antique store and thrift stores had nothing. Which means that blue and white chinoiserie from the 90s has ceased circulating.

As soon as the sun comes out, I'll be back with the changes in the kitchen and the dining room.

The stunning roses were a Valentine's Day gift from my sweetie.

That's it for now.
I hoped you enjoyed this chit chat about this gorgeous scheme.
Have a blessed day.

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  1. Love your white and blue collection, so classic! Good that you kept those beautiful pieces. I'm going through a white and blue decor mood, so of course you're giving me lots of ideas to incorporate in my own home!

  2. Try Ross. They usually have a good assortment of blue and white. I love the butterfly, not creepy at all.

  3. I am loving the blue and white decor I am seeing on IG and Pinterest too. You have some pretties for your living room. I am thinking of doing the blue and white in my bedroom. Just trying to find the blue and white in bedding has been hard. So I feel your frustration. Love what you did with your vignette. I like the butterfly too. Looks great.

  4. Azul é uma cor linda!
    Tudo muito bonito.

  5. There is one big store in San Juan, Puerto Rico where they sell butterflies, all colors and sizes, behind glass. They are a huge hit! Smile, not creepy! Pam

  6. Love your blue and white pieces. It's always clean and stylish.

  7. You can tell by looking at my blog design how much I love blue and white.
    I have had luck finding pieces at thrift stores and the flea market and Ross.
    Ross has some pieces right now.
    The painting is not always precise, but I just turn it around.

    Blue and white, a milk glass vase, and hot pink flowers are the best! (Just like yours:)

    Your changes look lovely.


  8. Ross and Home Goods had blue and white pieces today. After Christmas I was in the right place at the right time and scored three big pieces from GoodWill.

  9. I don't know how I missed this one but glad I checked in. Blue and white is one of my favorite combos, too.