Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Cute Mailbox/Ten on the 10th

Welcome to Ten on the 10th. 
10 bloggers are gathering today to share ideas under $10.00. 
You've got to love inexpensive ideas.
Links for the other participants are listed below.

If you remember my Christmas decor had a mail theme. 
I am doing the decorations for a shower for a friend whose grand baby will be born overseas. 
Air mail seemed like a perfect theme for a long distance grand child. 

I picked up some mailboxes after Christmas on clearance. 
This little letter receptacle was only $2.07. 
It needed some work to fit in with the decor. 

The Christmas decoration was simply a cardboard overlay. 
I thought I'd just spray paint over it, but I decided to try to get it off. 

Soaking the mailbox in a sink full of warm water removed the cardboard. 
The mailbox got a hit with flat white spray paint once it was completely dry. 

How cute it this? 

You may be thinking that this is all well and good for me because I found the mailbox on clearance. 
Fear not, Hobby Lobby has cardboard mailboxes as part of their regular stock. 

You can get a whole set of them online for $7.47 when they are on sale. 
Which is usually every other week or so. 

I've been sprinkling some blue and white about here and there. 
I'll be showing off more of that soon. 

Thanks for letting me share this little treasure. 

Pop over to see my blogging buddies. 


  1. How cute! I think that air mail is such a cute idea for a shower. That little mailbox is so sweet. It would be great for small valentines too!

  2. Adorable - I can also imagine a few small flowers peeking out of this in the spring, and fall leaves in the autumn. What a sweet vignette!

  3. I love projects like this! Reusing something you have on hand is really the very best way to do crafts and decor. It's so springy and sweet. :)

  4. These are cute as all get out, Katie. I love how you placed your little valentine in the opening, too. And I could see it going for many a season!

  5. That is just darling and I never knew that they had cardboard mailboxes! I have to keep that in mind. What a great decor or party prop!

  6. Katie- this is just darling and I can't wait to see your blue and white touches!
    Just precious!


  7. This is really cute and oh so original Katie. I can just imagine it on my table with a bunny peeking out.

  8. Katie, that is just adorable. What a cute idea. You and I must be on some kind of a wierd page, as I was thinking about displaying something similar just yesterday. Not as cute as yours though or as original..Happy Weekend..Judy

  9. Such a cute project, Katie! It can be used for every season and for any reason! I thought your snowman in one of the photos was so cute. I have a thing for them!

  10. The mail box is adorable. Happy Valentine's Day!

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