Saturday, February 24, 2018

It's A Rainy Saturday/Dining Room Makeover

Hello, Lovelies. 
How are you? 
It's been so gloomy here. We have had 6 inches of rain so far this month. 
Most of it has happened in the last week. 

This is very good news for our area because we have been in a bit of drought.

Bill and I have been working on the dining room. 
Here is the list of priorities: 
The rug had to go. 
The cat threw up on it within the first week. The regurgitated cat food had left some yellow stains.
The good news is that the whole rug started to yellow so the stains blended right in. 
I'm not a fan of fringe-just FYI.

We bundled it up and put it by the curb. 
For our makeover, we are using some tips from a lovely book by KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms. 
You can get your copy of the DIY Home Planner - here.

I had Bill look at the book so that we could test just how user friendly it is. 
It's one thing for a DIY/Decor blogger to give commentary on a book.
I thought a review from him would offer perspective from someone not as familiar with the design process. 
I knew that this book was a hit when Bill was quoting from it concerning the size of the rug for our dining room. 

This is what we discovered:
There should be 18' from the wall and the edge of the rug. 
The table and all chairs should sit on it. 
I knew from previous experience that the chair needed to stay on the rug when pulled out for dining. 
Our old rug was the appropriate size but because it was nubby, the chairs didn't easily slide up to the table.
This time we wanted the chairs to slide more easily. 
We measured the room and determined the correct size.  
Because we didn't want to go with something custom, we got as close to KariAnne's size recommendations as possible. 

We picked up a beautiful charcoal gray rug from IKEA. 
Have I mentioned that there is a new IKEA 20 minutes from our house? 
I'm thrilled. 

We got the DYNT Rug. It has an anti skid back but were getting a rug pad to review.
I'll review that when it gets here. 
It was only $179.00. I have decided that I don't want expensive rugs. I am too fickle and I get sick of them long before they are worn out.
There is the whole cat throw up issue as well.

The color of this rug is wonderful. It has a darling damask pattern. 

 It doesn't weigh much and was easy for the two of to get in the truck.
Throw up cleans up easily. Really? Yes, really.
The rest of the first chapter is about space planning. Our existing furniture is staying in the room so we were on to chapter two.
Paint Colors

I have wanted to paint the dining room for a while. If truth were told, the color was "okay" but the gray looked blue in certain light and lavender in others. 

I was never in love with it. Gray is a difficult color to get "right" and I'm over it. 

  I like the white that is in the living room, 

Rebekah's room,

Chris' room,

the laundry room, 

and the guest bath. 

It's the same white in all of these spaces. 

 It's nothing fancy. It's just premixed, off the shelf "White" by Glidden. 
I used it in the dining room a few weeks ago. 
It looks different in this room than it does in the others. 
I should have followed the advice in the DIY Home Planner and gone and gotten a few samples. 

I didn't.
Who knew that the same white in the same house could look different in a different room? 

I'm not sure what we will do but the next step was the accent wall. 
I'll be back with more about that in another post.
The sun is finally peeking through the clouds. Alleluia!
Have a fabulous day.
I was gifted the DIY Home Planner but all opinions are my own.
I'll have more to say about the book in future posts.
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  1. Kate, I think your rug and your new wall color looks excellent.

    I hear nothing but raves about KA's new book. Isn't it neat fellow bloggers are doing so well commercially?

    You aren't in Columbus, Ohio area are you? We have a new Ikea too and it is about 15- 20 minutes from my house. Just thought I'd check. : - )

  2. The new rug looks fantastic! I really like the white paint too.

    Glad to know that new Ikea is open.

  3. Very pretty rug and room color! It really makes such a beautiful difference. Love your chandelier. It's so sparkly! x K

  4. Katie,
    Your new rug looks great. I love the pattern. The new IKEA is going to be hard to resist. We were also glad to see the sun shining. There is still water standing the gulley that cuts through my backyard. Like you, I am glad the rain came to break the drought.


  5. I love the new rug. Yeah for Ikea!!! I like the white wall color too. They always say you should get a sample of the wall color and hang it on the wall and look at it in all the different light of the day and night to make sure you like it. I think that is great advice. It is amazing how even white can change as the light changes in the room. Everything is looking great.

  6. LOVE the new rug, you're dining room is so pretty! I have the same cat issue that you do. I've found a product that literally takes the stain out of the fabric, it came with our RV. Thetford Multi-Purpose Stain Remover. (unsponsored) It's the absolute best thing I've found. saved many a cat's nine lives. I'm still waiting for an IKEA around here!

  7. Katie, I love the new rug! I'm needing something bigger for my living room. I'll have to check out IKEA. I would love to repaint my entire home white, but not going there right now. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. That new rug looks really pretty. I am a big fan of Damask!

  9. I think the room is looking great with the wonderful new rug and your walls. I'm with you on not overspending for a rug. Things change in life, cats hurl. It's nice to be able to change up without too much guilt.