Monday, February 26, 2018

Ten "Must Haves" From IKEA

I bragged that an IKEA is only 20 minutes from the house. 
That could become very dangerous - just sayin.

I love IKEA and familiarity has not bred contempt. 
Here are my 10 favorite things from IKEA.
These are in no particular order. 

The ROMANTISK Tray. It's $8.99. 
It's been on the coffee table since we got it three years ago. 

SOCKER Greenhouse
This is the cutest terrarium for only $19.99.
I adore it.

We style ours for every season and holiday.

SOCKER Watering can  It's a perfect no dribble watering can. It is only $5.99.

The SKURAR Plant pot  is only $3.99.
I love these lacy little planters.
They are perfect in a white scheme.
For a while they were tea lights to match but I don't see those on the website anymore.

 The DAIDAI Plant pot is new. I got three of them this season.
They are $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99.
I really can't believe I am buying gold accessories again.

BEGAVNING Glass dome
The cloche is back in style. 
I love this one with the gold base. It comes in two sizes. The small is $9.99. The large one is $14.99.

It's so cute.

I'm wild about the FINTORP Rail series.
I bought this for the kitchen but decided against putting holes in my marble backsplash.
It ended up in the guest bathroom.
They are all sorts of cute hooks and pots to hang on this system.

IKEA has great throws.
They have outlasted my Pottery Barn throws. The quality for the price is phenomenal.
My favorite one has been discontinued but here is one that is similar for $24.99.

We have had our LENDA Curtains  for about 5 years.
The price for these curtains cannot be beat.
It is very hard to find 98' curtains for under $100.00.
These are just $24.99.

We got one RANARP Work lamp in July. I loved it so much that we went back and got another one for the other side of the sofa.

You have to keep to the bulb they recommend or the lamp will get too hot.
These were $32.99 each. They are also available in black.
There is a floor lamp in the same style.

There you have it. My favorite IKEA accessories.
You can order some items from the website if you don't live near an IKEA.
Sellers on eBay also offer items for sale.
You can see our rug in this post.

I hope you had a great day.
I have worked on this post on and off since this morning. It took much, much longer than I thought.
I'll see you tomorrow for Keep In Touch.
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  1. I have an Ikea about 20 minutes away, too. I don't go that often, but when I do, I always come home with something fun. You just gave me ten reasons to go again soon!

  2. Katie, I really love everything that you show from Ikea. Our closest store is in West Sacramento, which is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from us so I rarely get there, but I do love it when I go. You mentioned their website and, would you believe, that I have never looked at it. Do they sell from there also.? If so, now I will really be in trouble. The sideboard in my kitchen that I redid is from Ikea and the best thing I own..See you later this afternoon..Judy

  3. Love this list! I guess you've been to the new store?

    I don't love to hang out at Ikea because it's too big and overwhelming for me. Going in with a list is the way I like to do it so thanks for this.

    I will add to your list...the Henriksdal slipcovered dining chairs are wonderful! We have six at our dining table and to me they look very high end for a small price.

  4. Some of these things are just adorable. I'm really fond of those lights on either side of your sofa. I love Ikea, but hubs just sits outside and reads a book.

  5. How did I miss this one? Love IKEA -- There's one about 90 minutes away so we usually make a trip a couple of times a year. I love the Skurar line. I also have the "saucer" you put under plants (or I suppose a candle) in that line and it's so fresh! Love the curtains and throw you shared. I think a road trip is due!

  6. You've made me see IKEA items in a different light! Ive seen several of these but just walked passed. No longer - Gotta get to IKEA!

  7. I love how you have used your IKEA goodies, Katie...I love it, too!