Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Dining Chair Saga

Silly me for thinking that something is "my forever _____ (fill in the blank). 
This post is about my "forever" dining room chairs.  
I guess I'm too fickle or stuff just isn't made the way it used to be. 
I remember my grandmother saying that. 
It's official. I'm old. 

We bought our new dining chairs in 2009. 

We were trying to do our own version of the trend at the time. 
I'll call it "Texas Bible Belt Decor". 
You may know what I mean. 
It was Kirkland's meets Texas meets religion. 
It was a little Spanish and a little Western. 
Throw in a few wrought iron crosses and you were guaranteed salvation and a decorating win. 
I worked at a Christian school so my cross collection was robust. 
The phrase "you do you" comes to mind. I think I was trying to be different versions other people's houses. 

We'd had our chairs about a year when we added a new member to the family. 

An ensconced member of the family wasn't pleased. 

Dixie would chase the cat. The cat would seek sanctuary on the dining room chairs. 
His claws left tiny holes on the seats of most of my chairs. 
We love having pets so we lived with it. 

I was sitting at the dining room table last summer and my robust thigh got stuck to the seat. 
As I pulled it off, the "leather" adhered to it and pulled away from the seat. 

I immediately gave up sugar, fats, beef, and I took a walk. 
All of that lasted until dinner time. 

We had a sneaking suspicion that these were not leather chairs.
We've recovered dining room seats before and Bill had some brown leather in his stash. 
This chair got added to our project list. 
However, this was like a disease that spread around the room. 
One by one the vinyl started peeling way and my thighs had nothing to do with it. 
Then It started peeling away from the backs. 

I was going to recover them but the thought of all that nail head trim was a little daunting. 

I tried prying out one of the nail heads. The action left marks on the top quality finish. 
If prying out the trim was going to leave marks, we could get the chairs painted. 
The detail on the back would look amazing in white. 
I called the painter. They don't paint furniture. 
No worries. I'm sure the stain could be touched up. 

I was wrestling the nail heads on a chair when Bill stepped in with some science. 
It's been a while since I've taught simple machines. 
He brought a fulcrum in from the garage. 
He is a genius. 
It was fun and novel for about six nail heads. I purposed in my heart that I'd recover these chairs even if it took up my spring and most of my summer. 
Bill said, "Let's go get new chairs." 
I said, "Yahoo!" 
I didn't love the backs that much.  

I knew exactly which chairs to get.
We only needed the green light concerning comfort from Bill. 

We got the Paige Dining Chairs from World Market. 
They were on sale. 
Our store had six and the store in Fort Worth had two more.  

You will never guess who was sitting on one of the white chairs the other day. 

Bill just found cat throw up in his sneaker as I was editing this post. 
At least he didn't throw up on the new chairs. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, Katie[ you have NO idea how hard and long a gut laugh you gave me today reading this post! You are SO hilarious!

    So I am so so glad you have fabulous new chairs. They look AWESOME. Bill is awesome. The critters? WELL let me give you two really good pieces of advice:

    Go to your local hardware store immediately and buy a couple cans of Scotch Guard. You will thank me later.

    Go to your local health food store and buy real essential lavender oil and distilled water and a clean spitzer bottle (dollar store is cheap.)

    Mix small batches of like 4 parts water to 1 part oil - not too much oil, test first it's been a while since I've had to do this......but lightly spray your chairs from a distance - not up too close or they'll get too wet.

    Animals HATE the smell of lavender and your kitty will never EVER sit on those chairs again. Scotch guard first, let dry overnight, then try the lavender spray - which is pleasant, organic, ok around food and will WORK.

    That way maybe your forever chairs can hold your thighs for many many years to come.


  2. Love the new chairs. Are they holding up pretty sturdy? We just had 4 of the grandkids here and I don't believe my chairs will ever recover either.

    1. We bought kitchen chairs from World Market 8 years ago and they are amazingly sturdy. I hope these will be sturdy too.

  3. Hi Katie, I loved reading your post! We have a black cat that looks exactly like yours and has the same angry face. Haha. I love your new chairs. Fantastic choice! They look perfect. Thanks for sharing. :) Julie

  4. Hi Katie. These chairs are beautiful. I love the color too. Ha ha about your kitty leaving a personal gift in your hubby shoe! Have a fabulous Easter.

  5. Lizzie is a black cat on top, white on the stomach and she loves to roll. We can't win. You can't either. That's what the helmac is for. But the new chairs look great -- can't argue with that!

  6. Katie, your new chairs are just beautiful. They sure look like they belong. Cats are funny little creatures and very hard at learning manners..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  7. I love the new chairs. You sure had me laughing in leading up to the new chairs. I hope you try the trick with the lavender water because black cats and white furniture don't mix. Ask me how I know :)

  8. Haha, life with pets! But we love them so they get away with a lot. I have pretty much hated my dining room chairs since the day we got them almost 15 years ago. But I live with them because if we move, I'll have a different table. So I live with them. But now I see yours, and how they totally changed your room. They look fabulous! Now I want new chairs! Glad you went for instant gratification and bought new! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Weekend!