Wednesday, May 23, 2018

My 13th Birthday

I had a birthday last week.

I'm having a nine year. 
I didn't like 39, 49 and I definitely don't think I'll be a fan of 59.
It's better than the alternative (haha) but I don't like the 14th of each month as the big day looms closer.

At my birthday dinner, we went around the table and talked about our most memorable birthdays. 
The day I turned 13 was a memorable day.

My gorgeous friend, Stephanie, was in my history class. 
Mr. Gettens was lecturing. He was my favorite teacher.
If you have ever watched Boy Meets World, Mr. Gettens was the doppleganger to Mr. Feeny i.e. William Daniels.
Stephanie kept leaning over, trying to talk to me. Finally, I told her to be quiet. 
In a loud voice Mr. Gettens said, "Miss Lloyd, you need to stay after school."
I was horrified and embarrassed. 
I rarely got in trouble and I was completely annoyed that Stephanie didn't get in trouble with me.
I endured the hour after school and sulked all the way home on the school bus.
The after school bus dropped me off farther away which didn't help at all!

My friends and my mom and my sister were all in on it and they were in the backyard for a camp out slumber party.
My anger and frustration quickly turned to mirth at the thought of the planning that went into my party.
I had to stay after school so that my friends could ride the bus to my house.
Mr. Gettens was in on it which solidified his standing as my favorite teacher ever!

Have you had a memorable birthday?

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  1. Oh, that's fabulous, Katie! Happy, Happy Birthday -- may all your memories be as delightful as your 13th!

  2. What a nice surprise! Cute photos. Some birthdays are harder than others. Happy Birthday!

  3. Don't you love it when you live in a small enough town that the teacher will be in on a surprise party for you! I was about the same age (13 or 14), when a teacher and my classmates surprised me with a going-away party on my last day at that school. It was a very special party for me. I attended 10 different schools in grades 1-8. I moved around so much my memories of the schools, students, and teachers are vague since I did not stay long enough to really get to know them. The going away party was at school #9 before I went to school #10 during the first six weeks of school. I remained at that school until I graduated high school.


  4. I kinda liked my 47th. I married my best friend 2 months after my birthday and started a second bachelors degree program a couple of months after that. My new hubby didn't want to spend the honeymoon year by himself every other weekend, so he went back to school with me for another degree too...every other Saturday and Sunday (8 hours a day) in class for that first year! We just had our 21st anniversary the other day. Yes, my 47th was a winner!

  5. Oh Katie, what a cute story of your 13th birthday surprise, and a very Happy Birthday to you!