Thursday, May 24, 2018


I don't normally talk like a sailer but when I do, it might be over GDPR

The E.U. sent all us rule following little bloggers into a tizzy with new laws regarding the privacy, storage and protection of personal information of E.U. citizens. 
I was alerted to the issue in my comment section on this post
All I wanted to do was reminisce about the early days of blogging. 
I used up all my battery life trying to research the issue during this concert

What's the issue? 
What does this have to do with a little blogger from Texas? 
I have readers and visitors from Europe so when they visit their privacy has to be protected. 
Thankfully, I didn't jump over to Wordpress because Google is handling most of this but I had to do a few things. What have I done to comply with the new law? 

There is a new privacy policy on one of the pages on my blog. 
It sounds like a lot of legal ease but in essence it says that Google, Google Adsense and I will protect your information. 
I will do nothing with your information except send emails and interact socially with readers, including through comments. I may inquire and ask if a reader and fellow blogger would like to be a part of a blog hop. I need your email address in order to send that invitation. 

Blogger allows me to see various non-personal data like operating software, browser, country of origin and the source of traffic - i.e. Facebook, Pinterest or Blog. 
All these help me gauge who is my audience.

Adsense will operate like other advertisers and track cookies in order to personalize ads.  

Google has put a cookie disclaimer if you are a visitor from the E.U. 
You must accept or deny "cookies" before visiting.  I can't see that pop up because I'm in the U.S. 
I'm trusting that it is there. 

Inlinkz is my blog party provider/host. They have taken appropriate measure to ensure compliance. 

There may be an extra step or two before you can link up. 

I've put disclaimers on my social media icons. 

I also put a disclaimer on my Feedburner email subscriber. 

I hope this is enough. 
This blog post is the final step in prepping for GDPR. 
If you are receiving Let's Add Sprinkles via email subscription, at this time you have the option to un-subscribe before receiving any more email notifications. 
By not unsubscribing, you are giving your consent to receive further emails from this blog. 

See what I mean? 
It makes you want to cuss like a sailor. 

I am not a lawyer. I may sound like one because my dad was a lawyer. 
Seek your own legal advice concerning this issue. 
I found this YouTube video very reassuring. 

Thanks for hanging in there with this post. 
You are welcome to share but remember I may cuss like a sailor and I am not a lawyer.
This is why your inbox has been spammed with updated privacy policy notices today.  
Have a blessed day! 
Feel free to comment below if I have a glaring omission. 


  1. Sandra @ Dinner at EightMay 24, 2018 at 5:27 PM

    Katie, this is just about the clearest explanation I've read yet!

  2. Blogger says it has taken care of it. I am going to assume they are right! We'll see! Nice job, though -- you explain it better than anyone else has!

  3. Hi Katie, I am still a little confused about this whole thing. Should I also do the same as you with the privacy and disclosure policy? Should I also do the same as you with the wording you have for email subscriber and for social media. Sorry I am just not sure if I should just leave everything alone the way it appears on my blog Julie's Creative Lifestyle.
    Thank you for writing this helpful blog post.

    1. Hi Julie. If you are a Blogger blog they are taking care of the Cookie opt in notification. When I generated my privacy policy, I didn't know about that for sure. I searched and couldn't find anything about Feedburner and their subscriptions, so I posted that blog post so that all my subscribers would get it and be aware of what I was doing. I put the disclaimer on my Social media icons just to be on the safe side. It was all so confusing. Keep reading up on it, if you can. The light bulb really only went off about for me when I had to retype my new privacy policy so it would fit on my page. Then I was able to really understand what it was all about.

  4. I don't think any of this will stop anyone from collecting people's data. But it will stop the flow of information.