Sunday, May 27, 2018

Summer In The Master Bedroom

It's the unofficial start of summer and our room has a new summery feel.
It's taken about a month to pull all of the elements of this room together. 

I've heard that blue and white is "out".
 It may explain why it was a little harder to find everything but I certainly enjoyed the hunt.

The perfect pillow cover came from Hobby Lobby.
I've found several of these in the fabric department right next to ready-made curtains.
It was half off the day I found it.

We've had the Moroccan style wood piece above the bed for about 2 years.
It was from Tuesday Morning.

The comforter was a Walmart find for $27.47. What a strange price - affordable but strange. 
The comforter is perfect for a Texas summer when the air conditioner is set to frigid! 
It's a perfect weight. 

The Euro shams are Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart. They were only $14.84 each.

All of this was layered on our existing white matelasse set from Tuesday Morning.
It is Linea Casa by Sferra. It's held up so well in the two years that we've had it.
The bed and nightstands are from Lane. I thought this set was called Montana but I cannot find the information about it. I mistakenly said it was Broyhill furniture.
We still love the bed.
The night stands - not so much.

Bill's side is bubbling up and he always uses a coaster.
My side is just chipping. I've had water beside my bed only a handful of times.
These were impulse buys gone wrong.
I'm excited about looking for new night stands.

Each visit to the thrift store yields some new bit of blue and white. 

The little vase was a dollar.  The tea cup is Allerton's Blue Willow from my grandmother.
I have several Blue Willow mismatched cups and saucers but the color on this set is the most vibrant. 

My sweet Dixie is looking for squirrels.

I found a baggie of fabric samples at the thrift store. 

Initially, they were supposed to be made into pillows.
When the pillows didn't work out, I framed them for our room. 

The frames were also from Walmart. I thought they were only $7.97 but they aren't on the website. 

The lamp was a Tuesday Morning find.
I just love it.

I love this look for summer. It feels crisp and clean.
The tan carpet looks better with the navy instead of the gray. Which is good because I was a little tired of it. You know what that means around here.
I've freshened up my vanity. I'll be back with a post about that soon.  
Thanks for stopping by.

Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. Katie, just love your blue and white. I do believe blue and white will always be around ... so refreshing. The framed fabric pieces are very nice. Good job.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Your blue and white is lovely. I too wish they would bring the combo back.

  3. Hi Katie,
    I just love blue and white together. Very bright and pretty.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  4. From where I sit, blue and white will never be out. Loved the framed fabric and every bit of it. Looks fresh and cool for summer.

  5. Katie,
    Love all the blue and white in your master bedroom!


  6. Perfect, Katie. The blue and white is really refreshing and all of your details are so summery. Great deal on that comforter. I'm a little crazy about changing mine out a lot so a good price is super!

    Good luck with the night stand...can't wait to hear about what you find.


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  8. I don't think blue and white will ever go out of style! I love your fresh makeover. The balance of blue and white is perfect.

  9. Katie, I love how beautifully you've blues in your bedroom. The layers on the bed and the fabric as art in frames is a great feature. I love picking up remnants at the fabric store. I know you'll love your room throughout the summer.

  10. Lovely summer bedroom! I will always love blue and white, whether it's in or out. Thanks for sharing at Best of the Weekend!

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