Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dining Room Reveal/DIY Home Planner

I totally forgot to reveal the dining room to you guys. 
I guess, once I've finished a project, I move on to the next one. 

I just adore this room - now. 
Since we live with "hand me downs" and garage sale finds, I've endured case after case of dining room dissatisfaction syndrome. 
This is the most cohesive it has ever been. 

I love the new wall treatment. 

I stepped out of my comfort zone thanks to The DIY Home Planner by Karianne Wood

For weeks, I felt like I was stepping into a European Cafe each time I walked through the front door. 
It makes me happy. 

Our new chairs pull the whole thing together. 

The finish on the chairs coordinates with both the table and the antique dresser. 

I'm not sure Bill would have liked these before we went to France. 
I have always wanted French style chairs. 

The new lace curtains from IKEA reinforce the European flare. 

Getting a peek of the lace with the shutters reminds me of Normandy, France. 
I'm so in love with this look that I'm tempted to get lace for every window. 

Our wedding china is perfect in this room. 

I'm no longer dissatisfied! 
Thanks for having a look. 

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  1. Katie,
    Wonderful job with the stenciling! Your dining room looks great. I love your dining room French chairs.


  2. Katie, your room looks so perfectly lovely!! The stenciled wall is wonderful and those lace curtains make my heart go pitter patter!

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous. And I am in complete awe of your wall treatment. I bow down to you in admiration!

  4. Very pretty, Katie! Your dining room looks like it could be part of a sweet French restaurant. The blue wallpaper(?) is gorgeous. I also love the white cabinet. Thanks for that exterior peek, you have a chateau for sure! :)


  5. It looks so pretty, Katie. I love stenciling and it is amazing how your wall really looks like it could be hand painted tiles. Your chairs are beautiful. Although I don't have anything french, I have always loved that style. They look so dainty and pretty and I love the curved legs. You could stencil a blue line down the backs and they would look just like grain sacking. Seems very french to me..Happy Weekend..Judy

  6. Katie the room is gorgeous! That stenciling is so pretty. I know that wall was hard work but it really adds so much character to the room. Your new chairs are gorgeous too and really updated your beloved furniture. Love the combination of woods and painted. Way to go girl!

  7. Katie, I love your new dining room! The wall treatment is my favorite part, beautiful design and color. And of course the chairs are simply gorgeous. Well done!