Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ten On The Tenth/ Summer Dress Makeover

I spent a enjoyable afternoon watching this YouTube Channel
When I saw this dress at the thrift store, I thought it a good candidate for a makeover. 

It's a sack! 
I think it was $8.00 and there is always a 25% off coupon.

I'm all about the summer dress. I could see that this one had potential if it was taken in and hemmed. 

Fifteen inches was cut off of the bottom so that the dress would skim the knee.
I've got to cover up those old varicose veins. (Just keeping it real.) 

The trim around the bottom of the arm was taken apart with a seam ripper. 
The side seams were pinned right side out and re-stitched. 
It took a little tweaking to get the fit right because I don't have a dress form. 
Seeing my shape on a dress form might be a little terrifying anyway. 
The trim was re-sewn under the arms.  
The dressed was hemmed with elastic thread.

I styled it with my new Michael Kors jelly flip flops, a pearl necklace, diamond hoop earrings and my spectator Kate Spade crossbody bag.

I love, love these shoes.

The Ray-Ban Aviators are hand me ups from my son.
I just adore these!

I'm all about the summer dress.
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  1. Katie the dress is so cute. You are one talented lady!

  2. Katie, this was such a great makeover! I really envy people who can sew and do these types of projects. It's such a smart way to add to or change up your wardrobe.

  3. It looks good, always cool to buy with coupon. Great makeover...

  4. Great gob! It - and YOU - look awesome!

  5. Ok, I am so, so impressed! First of all, $8 and a coupon? Love that. And second, the restyling is awesome. You have a great eye and fabulous style. You look gorgeous, like you just walked out of Saks! I couldn't find anything like this when I went to the thrift store. Maybe next time I need to bring you along!!

  6. Well aren't you the cutest thing since the color pink! I cannot do that in my head - see clothes for what they could be plus I can't sew. What a great job and great price! Love those shoes too and totally jealous of your tiny feet!

  7. SO ADORABLE!! I like it much better.. Looks great on you. I love thrift shops too.

  8. How do I get My Last name off of these plz & ty.

  9. It really brought it up to date Katie. Love how it looks, and the sandals are darling too!

  10. Wow! What a cute summer dress you created! I'm too short to wear those long dresses and I think your new length is perfect. Love your handbag and shoes, too!

  11. This is very cute, Katie! Some of the summer dresses are super long. As I'm only 5'2, I have a sewing whiz friend who alters them for me. Sometimes a midi is a maxi on me and I hate that!

    Great job! You look pretty, stylish, and ready for summer!


  12. Wow Katie $8 and then a coupon yeah!!! What a difference it makes to shorten it. Beautiful. It also looks very cute with your flip flops. You go girl. This looks great.

  13. Such a darling dress and the makeover transformed and updated it to perfection!

  14. What an amazing transformation! I can't believe it is the same dress.

  15. It is a sack no more. You really transformed it and made it your own. Love how you have added those pretty accessories to make it a fun summer outfit.

  16. What a fun revamp! It looks great and you did a wonderful job with it!

  17. Very did a great job. Thanks for the idea !

  18. I LOVE how your "new" dress turned out, Katie!!! It's soooo cute now; what a good eye you have for making clothes over!

    Great idea and definitely pinned to my Crafts and Sewing board,
    Barb :)

  19. Such a wonderful makeover, Katie! You look so cute!