Monday, July 30, 2018

Battling Liriope

Our first house was a little mid-century ranch. 
The driveway was lined with Liriope. I call it monkey grass but I think I may have misnamed it all this time. 
For some reason, I deemed it necessary to remove it all at the same time I was caring for a small child.
I put my baby in the walker, gave him a few toys to keep him entertained and went to town on it.
When Chris was done, I was done. We continued until all of the Lipirope was removed.
It was a nightmare.

Yet. I brought it to this house in some sort of complete and utter brain fart. 
I've been battling it for the last few weeks.

I've discovered that it will pull out easily if the soil has been watered recently.
Damp but not sopping wet is best.

Pulling the smallest "babies" on the edges seems to loosen the larger center clump.

These things are prolific spreaders.
One small clump can turn into a huge one in just a few years.

I did leave some in the beds.
It's evergreen which gives the yard color during the winter.
They do have a sweet little bloom which resembles lavender.
It's a good filler and generally you can find it for free because it's so prolific which is why I brought it from my mother in law's old house.
Free and a good filler was what we needed because this yard was almost empty when we bought the house.

My bird bath is no longer in danger of being engulfed by it.

Even though it's work to tame it, Liriope is still one of my garden staples.
Anybody want to come get some?
I have plenty.
I am in Europe so I wasn't able to pick features. I'll pick some when I return.

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  1. It's funny you should mention liriope! In the past I've pulled it out by handfuls and put it in the trash because it just becomes so invasive after awhile. I swore I'd never plant it again. I just did!! I found it on sale and like you said, it's evergreen and fills in space nicely. I guess I'll be pulling and digging again in the future. :)

  2. I just learned this lesson with mint!

  3. Oh, driveways! They can drive you nuts, can't they. I wonder if that's what grows so prolifically in mine? I wouldn't be surprised...