Friday, July 27, 2018

Vintage Perfume Bottles In Blue

Much of my style over the years has been influenced by the pages of Victoria Magazine. 
As soon as Bill gave me a copy, I was a subscriber.

 Sadly, the new version is not like the old one. 
I remember a story about Jessica McClintock's perfume bottle collection. I searched through my remaining magazines but I couldn't find the image that was the catalyst for my own perfume bottle collection. 
You can get the idea with the image below. 

Over the years some beauties have been added to my collection. 

The L'air Du Temps bottle by Lalique was acquired after a massive search on eBay. 
The Czech glass bottle with the fairy and maiden was an heirloom from Bill's grandmother. 

  The opaline bottle also came from eBay. 
The cut glass bottle and stopper aren't a match but I don't care. They were only a few dollars. 

I was redecorating the cupboard in the potty closet. 

In the process an unused blue glass vase got set down on my window shelves.

I was in love. 
The search for cobalt blue glass to add to my perfume bottle collection was set in motion. 

There are not very many perfumes that come in a blue bottle. 
I found a vintage Evening in Paris bottle at an antique store. 

I also found a cute bottle and a precious glass box but I wasn't finished yet. 

In an eBay search for blue perfume bottles, I came across some Shalimar perfume bottles. 
When I didn't find one in an antique shop, I headed back to eBay and hit Buy It Now. 
I  couldn't wait for it to arrive. 
When it did, it had some perfume residue around the top and in the bottom.  

It had the original string with the wax seal and it had the original label. 


I got out my arsenal of cleaning supplies and tools. 

The paintbrush got the gunk out of the bottom with vinegar and glass cleaner. 
The seam ripper worked great for getting the goo out of the tight seams in the glass. 

A few weeks ago, a sweet sales associate at Dillard's let me smell some Shalimar. 
I was a little disappointed that I didn't care for it. 
The modern bottles aren't going to have the same stopper as the vintage bottles.
The plastic tops just do not compare to the glass stoppers of the past. 
Shalimar was created in the 1920s by Jacques Guerlain. He created it in tribute to Shah Jahan's wife Mumtaz Mahal and her Shalimar garden at Taj Mahal. 
It is a composition of lemon, bergamot, jasmine, may rose, opoponax, Tonka bean, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam and gray amber. 
Fragrantica is a great website to learn about perfumes. 

The vintage Chanel bottle and purse atomizer and were also eBay finds. 
I don't care for Chanel #5 on me but my mom wore it so the bottle was a sweet addition to my collection. 

Thanks for stopping in to have a look. 
How many of you were inspired by Victoria Magazine? 

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  1. What a lovely collection. Your story of the inspiration and how your collection has evolved is very interesting.

  2. The collection is beautiful. (I agree about Victoria). And I particularly appreciate your cleaning tips!

  3. Katie,
    Beautiful perfume bottles are reminders that the makers wanted all details, not just their fragrances, to be special. Your bottles are beautiful.


  4. I used to read Victoria magazine from time to time years ago. I love all the history about the perfumes and their bottles. My mother wore Evening in Paris AND Chanel No. 5. I later wore Chanel No. 5 myself and still have both the atomizer and the cologne bottle that you have. I totally get becoming obsessed with something (say, blue glass) and then looking for it! I've been known to collect a few things myself:) xo Kathleen

  5. You have such a lovely collection, was fun to see! Victoria is always a good read...and a feast for the eyes!