Friday, July 20, 2018

The Wasp House

When we were kids my granddad and my dad built us a playhouse. 

I don't know if I was supposed to share it with my brothers but they abandoned it and it became it became my little space. 
 The spiders took up residence every winter.  
If I wanted to play in it, I had to pull up my big girl panties and eradicate the spiders. 
I'm sure this how I got over a fear of insects. 
I'd sweep it out, set up my little metal Sear's kitchen and take care of my babies.
I can still remember the scent of Baby Magic Lotion.
I had these darling travel size bottles. Perfect play value. 

Well, dealing with my precious green house brought back memories of my play house. 
This time, I'm battling the wasps and hornets. 
As soon as the weather warmed up last year, the wasps and hornets built nests. 
The hornets built a nest under the plant shelf right above the watering can in the image below. 

The wasps built a nest in the watering can and in the green bird house.

I got rid of all the wasps and hornets but I was shocked that they came back numerous times. 
The hornets rebuilt the nest in the same exact spot. 
Their offspring came back this spring and built again. 

However, I've persisted in the with the belief that this is my green house and I will not be thwarted.
If seven year old me didn't give up on the playhouse, I'll not give up on this.

I got out the other day and did some cleaning and styling.
I've tried to corral all our flower pots, garden tools and decorative ornaments.

The wren that made the nest below had an unfortunate demise.

I check it upon entry for wasps and hornets.
I'm happy to report that they are staying out of it after our last battle.
However, Charlotte seems to have taken up residence in the door frame.

I've walked into her web twice.
I've taken to checking for her upon entry as well.
It sure bring backs memories.

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  1. We sure can't grow plants in a glass house this summer! Yours looks just charming will all your potting supplies ready for cooler weather. I dreamed of a playhouse like the one you had. We made do by pulling all my mom's clean towels out of the guest bathroom cupboards and turning it into a "playhouse" some summer days. Funny that my mom put up with that considering we weren't allowed to use the guest bathroom as a bathroom. It was just for "company."

  2. Stand fast and claim that space! We have lots of wasps this year too. I haven't killed the ones here at our house yet but they are on our back patio and we are having a family gathering in a couple of weeks. I guess it's time for them to meet their maker!

    I'm just a little jealous of your greenhouse. :)

  3. I love this!...minus those wasps. Unfortunately, they can be very persistent.

  4. Katie,
    So far no wasps this year, but the scorpions have shown up. The pest control guy sprayed the entire house inside and around the outside perimeter in June. We saw 5-6 scorpions inside during the next three weeks. Due to the heat and no rain, they come inside looking for water. Pest control guy came back out this week and sprayed again, including some special spray not used the first time. So far, no scorpions.


  5. Love your greenhouse. We have a real wasp problem as well. Ours are persistent too! The old photo is precious:) xo Kathleen

  6. I adore your greenhouse and you're right to keep at it -- it will be worth it, as it was when you were a kid (great memories) but the wasp thing is a nasty issue. Good luck with that one. They freak me out a bit!