Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Keep In Touch #33

Hi friends,
Welcome back to Keep In Touch. I do appreciate your faithfulness. I enjoyed all of the posts last week. 
If you have followed this summer, you may remember that I've struggled with chronic pain. 
I've got rotoscoliosis which flairs up from time to time. This time was terrible. My pain started in early June after I painted our little bathroom. It got a little better before our trip but last week after our trip to the U.K., it was terrible. There were nights that I wasn't sure I'd be able to sleep lying down. Fortunately, August is bonus time so I asked Bill if we could go get recliners (he got one too).  The new recliner has helped. I'm going to try to keep screen time to a minimum during the next few weeks because that seems to exacerbate the problem. 

My recliner is brown fabric. I really wanted white, gray or cream but they didn't have anything unless it was custom order which was more expensive. August is traditionally sale time for furniture so our chairs were on sale. They are Lazy Boy. They are both electric but Bill's has lumbar as well as neck support. I'll be using his (which is upstairs) for sleepless nights. I spend most of my day downstairs. I don't watch T.V. so I don't need mine upstairs by the big screen. Someday, if we can get a handle on my pain, I'd like to move this chair upstairs so I can at least be in the same room after dinner. 

The adage that "it is what it is" fits in this situation. I don't love the look of recliners but this one is okay. It actually resembles a "Restoration Hardware" tone so it goes with what we've got going on in the room. 

It goes with our existing brown leather club chair. That is where I was sitting until my pain came in with a vengeance. 

I'm so glad that I'm feeling better. I had begun to wonder if chronic pain was my companion for the rest of my life. If you live with pain, you understand. 
I'm so blessed that I cried out for a chair and three days later it was here. I know others are not so fortunate. 
I'll be back with a lighter post about late summer sunflowers. I've decorated, cleaned and gotten out my camera so I'll write up a quick post that will go live later in the week. 
Please know I do appreciate you all so much. 
Our feature this week is from Barbara @ French Ethereal. Her post about furniture transformations through paint and slipcovers is a winner. 
I've slipcovered many pieces over the years. It's extended the life of several of our sofas. 

I love her French style chairs. 

Link away. 
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  1. I am so sorry that you have to deal with chronic pain, Katie. Although, I don't have any myself, I have a son that lives with me, that has had it for over six years. He describes it to me, and I know it's terrible. He has had three back surgeries, and even has a spinal cord transmitter in his back, with a wireless remote. I wish you the best with your new recliner, and hope that it helps. Bless you!

  2. I am s sorry to hear about your pain. It can really get a person down so I am glad that the new chair is helping. Hopefully, the pain will subside completely. Thank you for hosting. I sometimes get busy and miss your link up so I am leaving you with two posts this time. Have a good week.

  3. Hi Katie,
    I am so glad you are feeling better. Living with Chronic pain is so very hard. I have an auto immune disease that keeps me in chronic pain sometimes. It is hard to move through that pain somedays. Hope the new recliner will help.

  4. So sorry to hear you were suffering, Katie. Glad the new chair is helping, and that you are feeling better.

  5. Katie, I am so sorry for your pain. I know how hard it can be. I used to have a bad back now and then but as I get older it seems to be around more often than not. We paid a lot of money for a couch that is so uncomfortable that, I swear, it makes everything worse. Thanks for hosting and take it easy..xxoJudy

  6. Happy you are back and looking forward to hearing about your trip -- but the back story is not what I'd hoped to hear. I feel for you and hope the recliner and some rest help it. Meanwhile, thanks for hosting.

  7. Katie, so glad you are feeling better. Pain is difficult to deal with. Chronic pain is the worst. Glad you have the recliner. Who cares what it looks like as long as it works! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Thank you so much for featuring last week's post about Paint and Slipcovers, Katie!!! I appreciate it very much! This week's post about Antiquing with Chalk Paint is related and last week's post was the lead-in to this one. I've been wanting to work on a little nightstand we have so this is part 1 of the transformation.

    Again, thank you so much for featuring French Ethereal,
    Hugs and kisses,
    Barb <3

    1. And, yes, rotoscoliosis? I hadn't heard of that before but a friend here where we live has two nasty curves in her back. She holds her side as we go for our nightly walks around the park/farm's roads. I hope this new chair will help you feel better soon! Is there no surgical way to correct this? I flipped over my handlebars on my bicycle when I was 22 yrs. old so I've been living with increasing neck pain from three crushed discs, so I hear you with pain. Also broke my tail bone and part of my pelvis a couple of years later doing a kick to a handstand in an Analysis of Gymnastics class for my Sports Medicine/Athletic Training/Phys. Ed. program (we did everything so we'd know how to teach students later). Yeah, pain is a constant... Ice packs help! :)

      Feel better soon! Will keep you in my prayers. <3

  9. I love your recliner< Katie! I know how much they help. I have one as well because I suffer from Addison's Disease and have done so for 6 years now. My heart and prayers go out to you, My Friend.

    Your sunflowers are so lovely! Whether they be fresh and perky or drying on the table, it matters not. Either way is a pleasing sign that fall is in the air! Your displays with the sunflowers mingling with your gorgeous blue and white china is probably my very favorite! The combination is both striking and calming to me. The colors pretty much jump out and say"hey, look at me!!" while the idea of the two together automatically give me the warm, peaceful sense of fall.

    Thank you for an inspiring post! Sunflowers are on my market list!

    Take care and God be with you, Katie!

    Warmly, Lucy

  10. Katie,
    So sorry to hear about your pain... I understand as I have lived with chronic pain for well over a decade. I have a bad back and arthritis and I am in need of a Knee replacement. I get cortisone shots but they only take the edge off the pain as I am bone on bone in the right knee. I plan on having the surgery next year..... Thanks too for stopping by!!