Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sunflower Decor For Late Summer

I love tweaking my decorative accents to reflect the seasons. Sunflowers are one of my "go to" August decor themes. 
My classroom used to be sunflowers and bees. It was too cute if I do say so myself. 

Sunflowers are perfect for this “waiting for fall” time of year. The deeper and warmer tones give a nod to the season ahead but there is no "in your face" orange. You know how I feel about orange.


I love the sunflowers tucked in around our Blue Willow.

I told you all about my new recliner. Link up a post while you are there.

Our daughter painted the sunflower painting on the mantel for me. It used to hang in my classroom.
I love, love, love it. It's perfect with the blues we've got going on.
I love having art that is pulled out for the seasons.

I added a few crows to the vignettes. They would be perfectly happy to strip any sunflower of all seeds.

My crow in this vignette is a pie bird. I found him at the Le Creuset outlet near me.
The mini teapot is USA. Bill's grandmother rooted her philodendrons in it.

My daughter also made the Let's Add Sprinkles embroidery.
She is so talented.

I finally figured out what this thing is for.

Have you ever seen an eye glass holder?

Drying these flowers isn’t easy. The petals fall off as soon as they are moved. I resorted to hot glueing them back on. Hilarious. It worked though.

I got a lovely flow blue in England. It was only 12 pounds. Quite a savings compared to U.S. prices on flow blue. It was $15.49 with the exchange rate. I blissfully ignored the exchange rate when I was shopping in the U.K., in all transparency. Bill wasn't ignoring it, however, when he got alerts on his phone for every purchase! That is so wrong somehow.

Antiquing in England was a highlight. The transferware prices were insane.
If only there were a way to get it home.

Sunflowers are a fun theme.

My favorite themes are fruit, flowers or birds. The possibilities are endless for each season but this year it's all about sunflowers.

Thanks for reading.


  1. So much pretty in this post! You've chosen the perfect touches for this time of year. Your dining room is amazing.

    I love that you hot glued those petals. A girl does what she has to!!

  2. Love the Flow Blue and how it picks up the colors of the flowers. The contrast of blue and yellow is always a pick-me-up.

  3. Great minds think alike - I have blue and white dishes combined with sunflowers throughout the house.

  4. Lovely. My favorite things-blue and white china and sunflowers. Are you sure that's not a spoon holder rather than an eyeglass holder? I saw 3 recently in different sizes.

  5. Katie,
    I had to laugh about hot gluing the dropped petals from the dried real sunflowers. We do what we have to do. Antique shopping in France presents the same dilemma... how do I get this home?

    Happy Fall,


  6. I loved seeing your sunflower theme, Katie, and they look so pretty with your touches of blue. I have sunflowers going on, too, and my sunflower plates are on a blue runner that I made. I'm like you, and like blue and yellow together. Orange is not my favorite either! Somehow, I just can't think about Fall with our hot temperatures.

  7. Katie, I came by early to see if the party was on yet and Guess What? We have another similar scene going on. I swear that I didn't peek before I wrote it! Your house looks so pretty and I absolutely love the painting that your daughter did. She must be very talented. Gotta love sunflowers!!..Be back later to hook up..xxoJudy

  8. Katie, I'm sharing your post with my daughter whose favorite flowers are sunflowers. She might become as inspired as I did! I've had the same vignettes for what seems like months.

  9. Katie,
    I love the Sunflowers. Everything looks so fresh and charming!! Beautiful!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!!