Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Scarecrow Refreshed With Paint

Do you know the pie tins that come with a redi-made pie crust? 
When we cleaned out my grandmother's attic, she had oodles of them - oodles!
 I don't know what in the world she had planned to do with them all.
She also had quite a line up of broken appliances. They were literally lined up along the back wall. 
If you were a child during the depression, you didn't throw things away. 
I'm sure my grandfather figured that the old broken toasters were good for parts in case the new toaster broke.
Our throw away society could use a dose of old fashioned depression era thinking.

We had a sad little scarecrow that had seen better days.

You may think that my old metal scarecrow just needed to be thrown away.
We've had it since at least 2012 back when blogging was new.

The original tones were quite muted when I found this cutie at Big Lots but they had long since faded. 

It was going to get thrown out. Instead it landed in the makeover pile. 
The welcome sign was beyond repair so that did get thrown away. 

This gal needed some bright colors for the fall.
She's not a fan of orange either but she did allow me to paint her nose the quintessential color.

I used the back side of a paint brush to paint her polka dots on her precious green ruffle.

The leaves got some dimension with a second color.

She was still missing something. 

I let her dry before some necessary finishing touches.

I love her plaid shirt.

For now she is hanging out in the peace lily.

All pumpkins were used for staging purposes only because it's too early for pumpkins!
I just can't do them this early.

What a cutie! She didn't deserve to end up in the land fill.

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My grandmother would be proud!
Have a lovely day.

French Ethereal


  1. ahhh....she is just did a great job on her....

  2. Oh Katie this turned out great. I am so glad you re loved this sweet scarecrow into a new girl in town. So cute.

  3. All perked up and ready to smile. Nice work, Katie!

  4. Katie,
    Great save! Your little scarecrow looks so good she won't be scaring anyone.