Sunday, September 9, 2018

What Color Transferware For Fall?

I am a collector. There is supposedly a collector's gene in my DNA.
As a result, I have several collections of transferware in different colors.

Currently, the blue and white collection is in the niches in the kitchen.
When they were put on display, I did worry about their longevity after summer was over.
Would I tire of the blue?
The bee in my bonnet this afternoon caused me to clean out the niches with the intent of refilling them with a different color.

What color?

They had brown in them when the cabinets were brown.

It was perfect in the newly painted cabinets.

My fledgling collection of red was on the docket about eight months later. 

How cute is it with burlap pumpkins?
But it was not to be.

We were back to brown by the time the turkey was thawing in the sink. 

But what is this?

This was totally cute with Halloween decor.
It lasted about a year.

Then I went a little shabby with some pink.

We even had a pink Christmas.

But by the next spring/summer it was back to red transferware.

It was all well and good until I fell madly in love with Jadite green. 

Finally, this winter I pulled out my first love.

 I thought that the rekindling of our love might be short lived.
I worried that by this fall, the cooler blues would give way to warmer tones.
It seemed like it was time to brown to make an appearance.
I pulled everything out of the shelves, wiped them down with a damp cloth, staged a shelf or two in brown but it was not to be.
The blue was loaded right back up. Blue will stay for the time being.

 Soon white baby boos will get plopped here and there.
You never know what will happen, though by the time Mr. Turkey comes to roost.
Thanks for letting me share.


  1. You have amazing collections! I only have red and white transferware but I do have lots of it. Haven't had it out at this house and I'm missing it. ;)

    Blue and white transferware is so beautiful with the rustic colors of fall.

  2. I love all of your transferware,'s so fun to switch out! I often use the brown or black for fall, but I'm finding I love the blue with fall colors, too!

  3. you have some wonderful pieces, Katie. I'd have to say brown is my favorite, and I've been packing them away lately. so sad that I can't do a display right now. I loved seeing the transformation of your butler's pantry cabinets. the marble top on the white with tile backsplash is beautiful!

  4. I love the blue, Katie. And the brown. And the red/pinks. All of it actually. Blue works for fall for me. Paired up with a rich gold or cheery sunflower yellow, I think it's rather lovely! And like you, I like switching things out and it's fun to have things you can switch out to!

  5. I am a collector, too..."Want" is my middle name.
    I love all of mom left me a huge set of Brown Transferware...I gave it to my girl and she loves favorite is Blue and White, mixed in with white Ironstone or white dishes...I also love Red and White but I don't have any...all of yours is beautiful....

  6. I love the blue and white for fall and Christmas. All year around it is fabulous. You can put so much with the blues. I love all your transfer ware dishes but I love the blue and white the best.
    Happy New Week.

  7. I've a real love of the red and the blue. Your cupboards are perfect for displaying them with the season. I noticed the picture below the cupboards. It fits in perfect there!

  8. You have beautiful collections. I have the black and blue in limited amounts but your make me think I need the red.....maybe the green? My fav? The Blue!

  9. I pinned this beautiful idea for my kitchen. I love the idea of changing up the display in the kitchen.