Monday, September 3, 2018

Vintage Back to School Decor/ Hello, September

I love September because our cooler days may just be around the corner. 
I hope. 

 You can take the teacher out of the classroom but that doesn't mean she doesn't love some teacher/back to school decor. 
All of my decor is home since I don't have a classroom to decorate. 

I've collected some fun vintage school and apple decor over the years. 
They've ended up in cute vignettes.  

 I pulled some of my favorite vignette photos out of my archives. 

Here are some photos from a decor session yesterday. 

I have looked for a vintage plaid lunch box for years and years. This one is a reproduction. I found it last year at the thrift store. It was $3.00. 

The stone apple with the brass leaf is my favorite apple. 
You can see it takes precedence in my displays. 

The chalk board was probably my mothers but it could be older than that. 
The pencil case was hers from the 30s. How cute is it? 
The antique certificate of merit is definitely a favorite. 

Have a wonderful day! 
Thanks for letting me share. 


  1. Your back + to + school = cute!
    I love the's always been fall decor to me!

  2. Your school vignettes are perfectly timed! I do love working with Scrabble letters, don't you? (Of course you do -- you just did!) They're fun and say so much so simply. Love the blocks and apples. Just delightful!

  3. Perfect displays. Wondering if you miss teaching when it comes to this time of year?

  4. Apples everywhere! Love the vignettes! I had a plaid lunchbox like that when I was younger.

  5. Katie- you have collected wonderful treasures representing your career.
    I love September too!
    I also loved May as a teacher because it meant school was about to be out for summer:)

  6. Hi Katie! Great ideas for fall and back-to-school! Pinning to various boards. <3 Thank you for sharing at Share Your Style!!!

    Barb :)

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