Thursday, September 20, 2018

Buying and Using Bittersweet in Fall Decor

In an aha moment, I realized that I could buy dried flowers off of eBay. 
I bought some blue hydrangeas from Washington state and used those in some displays around the house. 
The thought that I might be able to find bittersweet occurred to me one September.
I located some sellers in New England and I've been ordering it ever since. 

This year on September 8th, I ordered 1lb. of bittersweet from a Connecticut seller. It arrived 5 days later. 
Here is the link to the seller I used.  

Here are some ways I've used it in my vignettes. 

The ceramic pumpkin in the birdcage is my favorite pumpkin. The stem broke at some point but I repaired it. Normally, once something is broken, it gets tossed but not this. I found it at the local high school craft fair and wanted to get another one but the seller isn't there anymore. 

My tool box crow display cracks me up. 

The first time my bittersweet came it had leaves. 
None of my other purchases have had leaves. 

Everyone needs to "capture" a crow and put it in a birdcage. 

I also ordered this scarecrow off of eBay. I thought he was hand made. He's not but he's still a cutie. 

As soon as your package of bittersweet arrives, separate it and lay it out to dry. This makes it easier to work with later.  

Some was tucked into a wreath featuring burlap sunflowers. 

There's my favorite pumpkin in another vignette. 

In the centerpiece during the chicken feeder craze. 

Are velvet pumpkins still a craze? 

On the porch with the best IKEA throw. Sadly, this throw has been discontinued. 

The inside of the house is almost decorated for fall.
I just need to go by the produce store for some outside pumpkins and then I'll decorate the front porch. 
I hope this inspires you to get some bittersweet. 
It's just too cute. 


  1. so pretty, Katie. every Fall photo benefits from a little bittersweet. love the birdcage vignette!

  2. Love the Bittersweet and you've used it in some wonderful arrangements. My favorite of course was the birdcage too!

  3. I am so impressed, Katie. Everything is beautiful and if you asked me to pick a favorite photo or vignette, I would be stumped for I like them all so well. (Although I AM a sucker for a bird cage and use them a lot myself.) I don't see good real bittersweet here so thanks for the supply link.

  4. I love bittersweet as well. A few years ago I stumbled upon some growing on the fence in our back yard, it was a climbing vine from a neighbor's bush. Needless to say, finder's keepers:) Thanks for reminding me! We'd love for you to share this lovely fall post over at Vintage Charm Party #151. You can find it here: The party closes early Sunday morning. Have a great weekend. xo Kathleen

  5. I have been gathering bittersweet every fall for the past 40+ years on the roadsides around here. I love the way you used it in your decor!

  6. Katie, don't you just love it? I got some from a friend a couple of years ago and I still display it on top of a hutch in the dining room. It will last a long time if it is not handled too much. I am going to check out the site. Thanks for sharing..xxoJudy

  7. Love how you used the bittersweet!! Great for Fall decorating!! Thanks so much for visiting!!

  8. I just LOVE bittersweet and it doesn't grow around here. I am thrilled to pieces to find where I can order some. Thanks so so much.

  9. Love the bittersweet Katie! It really adds a lot to all of your vignettes. I sometimes use pyracantha in my fall displays because it has orange berries. Not quite as cute as the bittersweet.