Monday, September 24, 2018

Junkpalooza 2018/Junking In Arlington, Texas

My brother and I did some junking two weeks ago.
You can read about our other junking adventures
and here.

Day 1
Dave was looking for CDs to replace his music after his computer crashed.
I was looking for anything that could be used in fall decor.
On day 1, our first stop was Arlington Resale.
I'd just been by last week and passed on some brass pieces. This time they came home with me.

Our next stop was Nu 2 U Resale. It is a ministry of the First Methodist Church.
I found a cute painting depicting bucolic countryside in warmer tones. It was only $5.00.

It will be passed on to my daughter if I can't find a spot for it.

One of my favorite crafters has a booth in a little gift shop mall.

Her booth was brimming with darling hand made pumpkins. I already have one of primitive Jack -O-Lanterns so I didn't get anything.
It was lunch time so we went to one of our favorite places.
J Gilligan's is an Arlington icon.

It's a hole in the wall but the Irish Nachos and grilled chicken sandwich are not to be missed.

While Dave shopped for CDs at Half Price Books, I searched for my favorite British author.
I didn't find Trisha Ashley but I did find another book my favorite British interior designer,  Rachel Ashwell.

I love her books.

I dropped Dave off at  Movie Trading Company. I scooted across the parking lot to Pier 1.
We were both tired and this point so we rested before dinner. We met Bill at Pappadeaux.
We used a gift card I received as a retirement gift from one of my sweet parents at the school.
It was fun saving this for a special occasion.

Day 2

We started Day 2 at Cooper Street Antique Mall.

I picked up this darling canister. The graphics on this thing are just precious.
I also found two vintage postcards

 and an amber bottle.

One of the booths raises money for M.S. so I picked up two of their puzzles.

I also found a fabulous stack of Johnson Brothers Richmond White luncheon plates for $2.00 each.

After a quick lunch at What A Burger we headed to Goodwill.
I found a darling white ceramic squirrel box.

We ran into another Half Price Books.
I found another coffee table book while Dave looked at CDs.

We called it a day.
We had sandwiches for dinner to keep it simple.

Day 3

I took Dave home on the final day of Junkpalooza.
The best find of the week was found at an antique store in Dave's town.

One of the antique shops had this gorgeous ironstone coffee pot for only $28.00.
I also found Denmark Blue Furnivals platter at another shop.
It was $12.00.

The shop where I found the platter had a darling elf planter.
The other elves were found for me by Dave at the thrift store where he volunteers.
How cute are these?
They're packed away but they will reappear at Christmas time.

That is it for now.
What do you think of my finds?
I'm still trying to abide by the mantra that if stuff comes in the house than stuff must go out.
I've a pretty decent load to take to the thrift store in the garage.
Also, we moved some furniture around.

We did a switch with our armoires. This beast has been in one of the guest rooms. Even though it's not a great match for our bed, the scale is so much better with it in our room.
 When we moved it the last time, Bill swore he'd never move it again. I'm thankful he did.
He is a good man.

If the sun ever appears, I'll take some bedroom photos.


  1. I love that you found a Terry Redlin puzzle. I live in Watertown, SD....his hometown and we are just so darn proud of him and all his achievements!

  2. What great finds and fun places to antique. Looks like some yummy food too. Glad you had that great time with your brother.

  3. You guys had SUCH a great time! How wonderful that you have that interest. And the finds! Bravo -- great deals and some good ones. Love the white ironstone and blue/white Furnival. And oh, those postcards! Which reminds me -- I need to get Halloween out of my collection!

  4. What a fun time you had shopping and I love your finds!! The Irish nachos sound sooooo good!