Monday, October 15, 2018

Black Cat Halloween Tree

Bill bought me a metal Christmas tree a few years ago. I strung it up with some lights and put it on the deck.
The lights eventually burned out and the tree ended up along the side of the house next to the air conditioners. This is usually the last stop before the long walk to the trash pile. 
I saw it out there a few weeks ago and I realized that it had the perfect shape and color metal to be a Halloween tree.

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. I've always been back and forth about participating over the years for spiritual reasons. We do, however, have a lot of neighbor kids that come trick or treating. I thought the tree would be cute when we answer the door.

I love black cats. I've had a black cat almost consistently since I was born. I've heard that all black cats have some Siamese in them which may explain their quirky and fun personalities. 
Our current cat, Ringo is no exception.

He loves laying out on the deck in the heat. It's only when the temps get into the 100s that he'll cry uncle and come in but he's very bitter about it. He loves laying on flip flops and other smelly shoes. 
He also likes hanging out in the front yard with his friends. Ringo has a cute personality.
Our daughter rescued him from the feed store one Halloween. She was afraid he would be acquired by someone with dark intentions. We got custody of him when she moved out.

My tree celebrates all the black cats I've loved throughout the years.

Years ago, I got a darling cat ornament from one of my students. 
He'd be perfect on a Halloween tree along with some vintage inspired ornaments I found years ago. 

A handful of ornaments weren't enough to decorate my rescued metal tree.

I decided to make some vintage style ornaments. 
The internet yielded some cute cat and Jack O Lantern graphics.
I printed them on the printer that my darling husband keeps well supplied with ink.
We had some chip board for another project. My husband cut it into pieces with his band saw.

The prints needed more so I searched altered art on Pinterest. After an inspiration session, they were decorated them with scrap book paper, ribbon, glitter and found buttons.

The owl on a peat pot is just too adorable.

Cardboard jewelry box lids became dioramas.

An ornament from Hobby Lobby got a new face with paint.

He got some additional ribbon to give him a better look.

I decided to try Sculpey Clay for the first time.

Once the ornament was baked and cooled it also got a vintage inspired face with paint.
That was too fun.
A ribbon knotted and hot glued under his hat was the means to hang him on the tree.

Some wooden tags from Hobby Lobby were further embellished with glitter and ribbon.

 I was able to find a lot of cute graphics with cats. A few graphic were just too cute despite the fact that they were missing the feline.

I got some Christmas ornament ideas out of this crafting session.
It's fun and twinkly. I'll be back to share the tablescape.
Have a great day.

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  1. This is so the black cats! The one you made is so cute!

  2. Katie, your tree is adorable, and all the ornaments your created and embellished are the perfect touch. I did a black cat tree some years ago. I need to pull up that post from the archives and republish. I love decorating for Halloween as long as it isn't dark and scary.

  3. Love the vintage feel of your tree. I'm seeing more Halloween trees this year than ever before.

  4. Love your sweet Halloween Tree!! So cute and festive!!

  5. Katie, what a great little Halloween surprise when the little ones come to the door. I sure can tell you are a teacher with all the fun and cute ornaments that you made. Looks great..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  6. I love black cats and your tree is darling! I love working with sculpt clay too. I've used both bake and air dry. Very fun!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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