Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Keeping Busy and Thrifty Finds

Hi, Friends.
I tell people all the time about my blogging friends. I know that I haven't met most of you in person but I count you all as friends. I know that if we were to meet, we would have the best time. 
Thank you for your kind wishes concerning my shoulder. 
It helps to keep busy because it distracts me from the pain. 
I might have been distracted this morning even though I'm having a good day concerning pain. 

My navy and apricot shoes don't really go with my black, white, and brown. 
Oh well. 

The dry cleaners and the thrift store are across the highway from each other. 
A quick zip under the bridge and I'm checking out my favorite thrift after I pick up Bill's cleaning. 
We have a cousin in law that owns a dry cleaners. It was a happy day when he told Bill that there was no way I was strong enough to iron Bill's shirts as crisp as he needed them for his job in banking. 
We've been letting the cleaners do his shirts ever since. 

Make A Wish 2017

Anyway. There are times when it feels like the days of good thrifted finds are over. 
Well, not today! 

When Dave and I went thrifting a few weeks ago, they had a little brass teapot. I kept telling myself that we didn't need it. Today, I planned to get it if they still had it and they did. 

This little embroidered table runner also got left behind last time. It kept calling to me as well. 
It's interesting that the thrift store price of $5.00 was more than the antique or garage sale price. 

On the Halloween and fall decor shelf there was a darling appliqué/embroidery, a cat for my fall tree, and a wonderful turkey. 

The vintage turkey was a good deal at $5.00.

I've been on the look out for some composition German or Japanese rabbit candy containers for several years. 
They were always more than I was willing to pay. 

The small one is German and it was only $3.00. The pink one is probably an early Japanese reproduction from the 40s. It was $2.00. 
The small one still had the antique store tag on it with a price of $29.00, which is about the going rate in antique store.  I have seen them in the fifty dollar range though. Ebay has some of these now.  
These will be darling in my spring display in the garden room. 
I almost told them I would pay more but I've given them a lot of good stuff. 
I believe that what goes around comes around. Some call it Karma. I think we reap what we sow - for the positive or the negative.  Do they still teach this I wonder? 

As I made my way to the front of the store, I spied two things in a cart. 
I dug them out and handed them to the wonderful lady that works there. 
I asked her to price them for me which she did. 

She priced a precious pair of green scissors for $3.00. 
This green is everything. 

She priced a gravy boat in my pattern for $3.00.  
It was filthy. It literally looked like it still had gravy on it from the last time it was used. 
I scrubbed it off with some cleanser and it is perfect. 

It's nice to have the gravy boat to our china after only 35 years. 

It goes to show that good, thrifted deals are still out there. 

Everything was 25% off which is even better. 
Have a great day. 

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  1. Great finds, Katie! What a blessing to find the gravy boat in your pattern, too! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. It is fun when you can find something you've been wanting for a long, long time while out thriftshopping. One of my favorite things to do! Glad you found your gravy boat!!! Pinned to my Lovely China board for you. <3

    Hugs and excited for next week,
    Barb :)

  3. Finding that gravy boat was a real win! You do find great things when you are out and about.

    I consider you a friend too. I'm always saying, "one of my blogging friends." I figure people who don't blog think I'm a looney tune but that's ok. :)

  4. You found lots of wonderful goodies! I especially love the rabbits...and the gravy boat is one of my favorite patterns, too!

  5. It's nice to read your blog posts.Keep posting that amazing stuff.
    I am also trying to follow your footsteps Here's my site

  6. Katie, you scored! Those little bunny containers are so precious and what a good deal you got on everything. I especially love the little fall picture. Is it put together with felt? So cute. Happy Thursday..Judy