Thursday, November 8, 2018

Things To Do NOW To Get Ready For The Holidays

No. 1

Round up your extension cords. 

The white extension cord that runs this whole display was misplaced. I ran all over the house looking for it only for the light guy to find it on the front porch after we came up with something else. 
I don't know why but extension cords seem to get misplaced even though I vow to leave them alone. 

While you are at it, locate all of your timers. Timers on trees is a game changer. 

No. 2

Plan your color scheme. 

I'm a little loony and change my color scheme from year to year. 
Shop early for the best collections of ribbon and wrapping paper to go with your scheme.  

This year I'm leaning toward blue and white so I ordered some grain sacks off of eBay. 

They are on the tables now but will be ready as soon as Bing Crosby is blaring on iTunes. 

I'm shopping thrift stores for goodies in my scheme. 

Can you even believe that elf? It was $1.00. 
Blue and white candy canes? 
Yes. I found them at Dollar Tree. 

No. 3

Inventory bakeware, cookware and servingware. 

For some reason our salt and pepper shaker situation was dire. 
I found some new sets at an estate sale. 

They are all washed and polished. 

We also polished up our existing set. Bill tapped out a dent or two on the set we inherited from his grandparents. 

No. 4 

Wash and organize linens. 
I washed all mine and ironed them as needed. I grouped them together and tied them with baker's twine just like  Miss Mustard Seed

My sister even sent some linens to match my scheme. 

She sends her vintage tablecloths to the cleaners. How brilliant is that? 

That is it for now, friends. 
Some of you are aware of my shoulder situation. It is getting better. I've really cut back on screen time which exacerbated the problems. I haven't been able to thank you for all the recent comments on my blog post. Please note that I really read them all and appreciate each and every one. 
I hope to get back to responding to each one soon but we will see. 
Thanks for reading, 


  1. Wonderful ideas, each and every one of them. That extension cord thought ran through my head this morning. And thanks for the timer tip. That WILL be a game changer!

  2. Love these tips! I am not even thinking Christmas yet but it looks like I better start :-)

  3. Great tips Katie. We put our trees and lights all on timers too.
    Have a great week.

  4. your post just remind me that Christmas is getting closer and closer - thank you for that :)

  5. Thank you for the tips, Katie. I swoon whenever I see your blue and white transferware dishes. Isn't that elf the cutest? Your sister is so sweet to send pretty linens to you. I wish I lived closer so I could go shopping with you.