Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Gift Of Paperwhites / Ten on the 10th

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Where a creative group of bloggers get together and share ideas for under $10.00. 
I'm thrilled that you are here. 
Today we are sharing gift ideas. 
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I love paperwhites! They absolutely brighten up a dreary winter day. 
Last Christmas I gave two of my friends a gift that gives about 6 weeks after it is given. 

The paperwhites were $1.50 each. I gave three bulbs to each friend. They were put into a brown lunch sack. 

The sacks were a little boring so I punched two holes in the fold along the top of the sacks. 

White organza ribbon from my stash was threaded through the holes. 

Some pebbles for the bottom of the flower pots were bagged up. 
I had a stash of these in the garage. Bill bought them for his Sunday School class years ago. 

A few pennies worth of potting soil was also bagged up. 

The bulbs, pebbles and soil were put in the flower pot and tied with ribbon from my stash. 
I think my flower pots were $6.00 but you could easily get them from Hobby Lobby for $2.99 to keep it under $10.00.  

My friends both texted me when their paperwhites were blooming. 
Hearing from them was a gift back to me!
So fun.

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  1. What a sweet gift. There is nothing prettier than paper whites in the winter, and they are so easy to grow. I am sure anyone would love to receive this gift!

  2. Love, love, love this idea!! I'm going to do this for my mom. :)

  3. Paper whites are so cheery during the darker winter days. Who wouldn’t love to receive such beauty?

  4. This is a fabulous idea! How fun to have flowers in the winter, too...the gift of sunshine. Love it!

  5. Katie I love paper whites but never think to buy them for myself. What a great idea! I love putting them into the pots

  6. Katie, I love paper whites too. This is a gift that keeps on giving. I love brown paper packages (one of My Favorite Things.) since they are so simple and natural. How thoughtful.

  7. Beautiful idea, Katie! How wonderful to have something to look forward to in the weeks after Christmas. I'll be doing this for sure.

  8. Love paper whites as well, Katie! A beautiful gift of love!!

  9. I love this Katie. I think I might do this for my neighbors for a sweet Christmas gift. Thanks for sharing this idea. Happy Weekend.

  10. Such a sweet gift Katie. Love paper whites. I should do this for my friends this year ... maybe one for me too.

  11. Katie,
    Paperwhites are a great Christmas gift! I potted some this weekend.


  12. I LOVE this idea, Katie! It would be something to look forward to...a gift that keeps giving.

  13. Katie this idea really speaks from the heart. And to get a nice surprise a few weeks later is the best!!