Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas Guest Rooms

 Well, turn up the brightness as high as you can get it on your computer. 
I had the worst time getting photos. 
This is what makes me want to throw in the towel with blogging. 

I'd rather share them with you rather than throw them out because next Wednesday they are worthless. 

Our bedrooms are so cute and Christmasy even if the pictures aren't great.  

The pom pom garland. I made it from pom pom ornaments that I found on clearance a couple of years ago. 
The pillow was made out of a tablecloth that my sister sent me. She doesn't do blue and white anymore. 

This is my favorite bedroom vignette. 
The painting came from an estate sale this fall. It was $1.50. I painted the frame which took it from an ugly dog to a beauty. 
The garland is Raz from their warehouse sale. 
The cottages are thrifted and painted white. 

We're on trend with the vintage Christmas tree. It was $5.00 at a garage sale about 20 years ago. I'm afraid to light it. Bill needs to rewire it for me, I think. 

The stocking was downstairs last year. The cottage was from Walmart. I've painted the roof several times. I love it green. A worthwhile expense since this cutie was only $5.00. 

If you can fathom, the next pictures are even worse. 
It was a bright day but the lighting in Jonnie's room is horrible. 

I've struggled with this room since we moved beds around last year. 
The walls need to be painted but I can't right now since my injury in June. 
I took out the crib headboard and moved in this one. It was a dark, dark stain which dated it. I painted it gray and bolted it to the wall.
I added a gray throw and pillow and a red plaid bedspread. 

The Merry and Bright art piece was a gift bag. 

I just cut it and framed it. I thought is a fabulous idea if I do say so myself. 

I love the wall art on the opposite side of the room. 
Some Christmas cards from my first Christmas are strung with antique post cards on an old window. 
My original stocking hangs on the peg board. 

A church, cow pitcher, and greens were added to the tool box. 

The winter bedding is back on my bed. I added a plaid Pottery Barn throw. 
Pictures of my sweet children sit on my bedside table. They were so annoyed that I made them wear matching plaid flannel shirts but I'm so glad that we have these photos. 

There you have it. Thanks for stopping by. 
There is an antique piece in the garage for my side of the bed. I've wanted to replace our night stands for a couple of years because the tops are in terrible shape. Bill's nightstand is not salvageable. Mine is, so we'll move mine to Bill's side once I've refinished it. 

I'll be back tomorrow with the dining room. 
I hope this gives you ideas on how to cozy up the bedrooms for Christmas. 
Have a great day. 


  1. Katie, all your bedrooms are so pretty and they came in loud and clear at my end. The gray velvet pillow and the needlepoint are so pretty..Merry Christmas..Judy

  2. So sweet Katie ... so clean, fresh and Christmas decorations are so pretty. Love the Cottage house from Walmart. I never find anything cute at our Walmart. I'm glad to see the nostalgic green ceramic Christmas trees showing up this year. I have had two for years, but never displayed them. I sent one home with our daughter and I kept the one with snow on the branches. Enjoying it. I'm working on my decorations, but just kinda stuck with getting everything done.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  3. Needlepoint pillow is my favorite. I'd love to learn how to do it. Your Christmas decorating puts me to shame!

  4. The rooms all look cozy and inviting! Love your original stocking!

  5. Your guests will feel so welcome! Poor Suzanne -- when she came to visit last week, the best I could do was a tree and moving all the stuff that had been on the bed to the corner of the room. And told her not to open the closet.