Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Piano Corner/ Christmas 2018

 The piano corner was the last spot to receive some Christmas decor.  

This corner is weird. The house plans had it as an optional wet bar.
The people that built the house weren't drinkers. We didn't even have wine until our children were grown. 
I haven't been into a house in the neighborhood that opted for the wet bar. 

We would have had no use for it and it was already a dated element by the time this house was built in 1990. Wet bars seem like a 70's design element. We would have ripped it out.

Initially we had a little desk on this wall. It wasn't right but I'd been on the look out for a secretary desk. It would have been perfect. The closet kept games, puzzles and toddler toys. 
The piano was passed down to us two years after we bought the house.
I know pianos are supposed to be on an inside wall but we had no inside wall that would work for a piano. 
The previous owner had their T.V. tucked in front of this corner. They had a huge sectional that floated in the room facing the T.V. It was hard to visual this space and in fact, I didn't want this house. Bill did. This living room is a hard room for furniture placement.

I can play the piano but I rarely do. 

It sat in the corner like a big orange brown eyesore until I painted it.

I so scared that I'd get in trouble with the family for painting it but nobody even noticed. I have had zero regret about painting this piece. 
It sits not getting used except as a spot for my camera so it's always handy. 

I moved the ceiling tile art piece and had two options for the wall. 
The cute, green chalkboard won the day for me. 
Bill said, "Meah, It doesn't do anything for me." 
Oh well. I was so proud of it too. 
An old screen or an old window were the only other options. I love the pop of blueish, green for Christmas. 

I always need a reminder to have joy so the message was kept very simple.

Normally, the top doesn't get much attention.  
I stuck my cloche collection on it during the summer, thinking that I'd be packing them away for for a while but I loved them in this spot and pondered what to put in them.

An old Victoria Magazine popped into my head when I was moving the little silver cup out of my craft closet. I plucked a tree inside and stuck it under a cloche from IKEA. 
IKEA has a couple of great cloches if you are in the market for one.

 Some vintage books rest under the largest cloche.

 A German daily devotional with the same tones as the chalkboard rests under another one. That one used to be a domed clock. I bought it with the intention of ripping the clock out of it. I threw the clock guts away.  It was cheap, fake brass. 
One of my painted cottages was placed under the remaining cloche. 
I love this vignette so much. 

 I always think I can throw a quick blog post up. It never happens that way. 
Last night I went to a dinner at a friend's house. She has the cutest house. I hope I got some good pictures of that to share tomorrow. 

Have a wonderful day. 


  1. I think I'd love that area for a reading nook (with a comfy chair, footstool, and good light) or a built-in bench for a dining area. I'm sure looking forward to your post about that darling house!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    I like the books under glass. Unusual!

  3. Love all of it Katie. The piano looks perfect in that spot. I like it white too. I know shocker!!!
    Love your Christmas vignette on the piano too. Merry Christmas.

  4. It looks terrific, Katie. And I love the carols book you chose for it!