Friday, December 7, 2018

New Living Room End Tables

It took me eight days to decorate the house for Christmas. I got a little sidetracked moving furniture around.
I've got too much furniture but not always the right furniture, if that makes sense. 
After the company left on Thanksgiving, I was too pooped to start getting out the Christmas decor. However, a short energizing nap renewed my zeal for Christmas decorating. 
Almost all our Christmas decor is stored in a little closet under the stairs. It's very easy to get it out myself. Bill had to work the next day so I had to be super quiet. Our room is at the top of the stairs.

Plugging in the frosted pencil post tree got me excited to do some other decorating. 

I pulled out the big tree but I wasn't sure where to put it. 
My new recliner has put a hitch in the room arrangement because the chair isn't pretty or glamorous.
I do love sitting in it, however. My shoulder is better. In part, because of the recliner. 

Last couple of years the tree sat behind the little white wing back. That wasn't going to work this year because I didn't want the tree behind my chair. 

I set up the tree and spent about an hour moving furniture around.
I made a dreadful mistake with the recliner. We both got a motorized recliners instead of manual. The chairs have to be in the corner and can't be floating because of the cords.

Dear Lazy Boy,
You need to point that out when people are purchasing their recliners.
What do I do with the cords?

In the end, I decided that the tree needed to be on the other side of the fireplace and the big leather chair on the opposite side.
I could have moved out Cindy Crawford but I don't like the big back of the brown recliner floating when you walk in the room.  I like the open arms of Cindy and it's Bill's favorite seat in the living room.
(He watches T.V. upstairs in the Man Cave.)

My ugly recliner got put in the corner by the media cabinet. 
I don't watch T.V. so this isn't a big deal except for the aesthetics of it.
Cords are hidden in the corner. 
It meant that our end tables were all wrong. 
So I started to move end tables around. 

The chair looked more greige in the store. Trust me on this. 

I put the little white wash stand and my $5.00 French chair next to the tree.
I love this little spot.

 I didn't have two tables of the same height for either side of the sofa. Matching lamps equals matching table height in my book.
While this was pondered, I took the little spool cabinet out to the garden room and put it on the right side of the sofa. It was also $5.00 at a garage sale. 

The secretary went to the right of the French doors.
It had to be completely emptied so that it could be slid across the floor. 

A little Queen Anne desk that had been in that corner, went up to my bedroom.
It had only been there for about a month but two desks in a room seemed overkill even for me.
I love desks.

I put Queen Anne where my vanity had been.

I spent about an hour consolidating my makeup and toiletries from six drawers to three.

You can guess that the vanity had to go. It wasn't a family piece and I kept bashing my knee on the front of it. 
I put an all call out on Facebook saying it was up for grabs. 
KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms was interested and so was another friend for her sister. 
I'm not sure that KariAnne was excited about the hour drive to come get it.
I never heard back about the sister.
Wait just a minute. I rolled it out to the garage. 
It was the end of almost 24 hours of nonstop shuffling and organizing. 
(I managed to get the garden room tree flocked, re-strung and up in the midst of all of this.
It was a 15,000 step day.)  

We needed end tables - We didn't need a vanity. 
The next day, I asked Bill to cut it apart. Bless his heart. He didn't even balk at this one. He used a circular saw to cut the top. 
We had the perfect router to rout the new sawn edge.
He showed me how to use his new mini router which was very exciting. 

So cute. 

The paint needed to be touched up because makeup is hard on furniture! 
The lamps are the RANARP from IKEA. They were $32.99. These lamps appeal to both of us. 

This is my view from the chair. 

Having a drawer for my iPad and phone is amazing. 

They're so cute.
The slipcovered sofa got white pillows, a navy blue velvet throw and a checked pillow to match the tree.

The card board cottage idea came from Liz Marie.

I plopped an unfinished tree and snowman next to them.
Bill thought this vignette very weird. I can't decide if he is correct but I don't care.
It's cute.

Do you all go to extreme lengths to fit in the furniture once the Christmas tree is up?
Let me know what you think in the comment section.
This will probably stay this way after Christmas. I just love it.
Have a great day.


  1. Love what you did with the vanity! Turned into the cutest end tables ever. If you ever get tired of them, I saw the cutest kitchen island made from a desk/vanity like yours. All you'd have to do is set the two on a long board with rollers and make a long top for it then create shelves between the two end tables. KariAnne made a huge mistake not driving right over!

  2. It looks fabulous. I love your bannister and how you integrated your blue and it has this light and airy, yet comfy feeling. Really lovely, Katie.

    Ug. Furniture and the tree. One of my chairs is out in the garage (and since I don't much like it, it may keep going after that!) and two from the living room moved to the family room. We'll see how it goes!

  3. Everything looks so pretty Katie. Your home is so festive and beautiful.

  4. You're so smart to cut that vanity apart. Totally love them as end tables. I get the concept of "lot's of furniture, just not the right furniture". story of my life. Your house looks wonderful, mine is like a tornado came through.

  5. I am on the hunt for end tables - will look at something to cut up!!!

  6. Katie, it is always hard to make places for new things. I used to be able to do just that but our house has so many doors and no central hallway that there are not too many places to change. Luckily our tree and the two chairs are interchangeable across from each other so it's not too bad. Your room looks wonderful how you have it now. You have a great view of every place from your chair. When not having to place pieces for TV watching is nice too. Your tree looks so pretty. I love the blue and white checks and the two end tables are just gorgeous. What a great idea...Merry Christmas..Judy

  7. My dear Katie, everything looks so pretty and ever so delightful! You have an eye for beauty.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

  8. Everything looks beautiful Katie!