Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Garden Room 2018

One of my favorite rooms to decorate every year is our garden room. 
It's the little sunroom right off of the kitchen. 
We walled and windowed in our old patio in 2003. It's one of our favorite rooms in the house. 
It's where red makes its appearance. 
The red truck is everywhere this Christmas. 
I've been on the look out for a vintage toy pick up for years. 

I haven't given up that search but I'm filling in the gap with this cutie from Hobby Lobby. 

I snatched him up in late October when it looked like they would be sold out by Christmas . 

Bill and I picked up a wall hanging the weekend that we went camping. 
It had eye screws which fell out as I was walking to the car. 
We were in the country, Y'all. Selection was limited. 
It was $12.00 which seems high for something of this quality but it was getting deconstructed anyway.  
It was easier than making something. 

The welcome sign got devined after being taken apart. 

I made a new hanger out of red and white baker's twine. 
Everything looks better with baker's twine in my opinion. 

It hangs next to my grandparent's stockings. I think they are from the 30s or 40s. Adore! 

A vintage Folger's coffee tin got some greens. 

The sofa got a World Market Velvet pillow and a throw from Hearth and Hand by Magnolia from Target. I picked it up last year. 

My favorite wreath is back on the old window. 

So the eye can rest, the sewing table has nothing but a lamp.
This is something new I'm trying. 
Not every table needs a vignette. 
Those that knew me during my English Country, Old World, More is More phase will find this shocking.
(I'm quite certain that different family members and friends felt the need for a sedative before they came over because there was so much going on.)
You know who you are if you're reading this.

The dish dresser is bedecked in our plaid and vintage elf collection.

The thistle ornament came from Scotland.

A few pieces of my grandmother in law's hand painted porcelain is clustered in with the plaid. 
The floral with the plaid reminds me of a highly sought after Ralph Lauren china pattern from the late 80s. 

This is my mock hot cocoa bar. 

The gingerbread man in the coffee pot came from our local H.S. craft fair. 
 I've got several pieces of her work. Sadly, that crafter no longer comes. The craft fair isn't really crafts anymore either. I miss the old school crafters. 
Do you? 

Vintage elves frolic on the top shelf.

How cute are these guys? My brother found them where he volunteers.

That is enough of that for now.

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about the tree.
I've also got a few more red trucks in our powder room.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I would be so darned happy in this space. It's light and airy and fun and yes, plenty of room for the eye to rest! (On really cute stuff!) I love the plaids, the grandparents stockings, sign and truck, all well curated! Can't wait to see more!

  2. LOVE this room, it's so fun! Red plaid, plaid dishes, white slipcovers, garden room? you're truck looks old, really cute addition!

  3. I love your garden room and all the fun touches.

    One of the things I loved was the tree in the Folgers can. It made me smile as I though of my father drinking his coffee. Thanks for the sweet memory.

  4. Everything looks so pretty. Those stockings are a prize ... how lucky you are to have them. Plaids are so fun. I don't think I have any plaid stuff. Have a fun Christmas. Blessing.
    Audrey Z.