Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Keep In Touch #52

Hi Friends, 
Welcome to Keep In Touch. 
Last week I shared my new end table

The color red was added to the garden room was another post up on my blog last week. 

I got a lot accomplished last week. I'm trying to reorganize my seasonal decor totes and sort a few other things that got put in the wrong place over Christmas. 

When I was in the garage two weeks ago refinishing my end table, I discovered that there was not a good place to set stuff while I was working. Bill's work bench is not a great place to set refinishing equipment because there is a risk of something ruining the finish. 
A large Christmas gift box and an old shoe rack ended up being my work bench. Nope. 
Here's a sneak peek at the new work bench. 

It is all made out of scrap lumber that we had. 
Look for a vlog and a blog post about it soon. 
No, I don't use French Linens in the shop but it looks cute for staging doesn't it? 
My side of the garage is cleaned up and organized. Bill's is always pretty clean so I feel sorry for him in that way. 
We also did a few tweaks in the garden room. The dish dresser is looking pretty cute in red and black with vintage dishes. 

I love red and white mushrooms. They look cute in a Valentine's Day display. There will be a post about this too. 

Now for our feature. 
Many of us have thoughts about blogging as a new year begins. I encourage you to stop by and read this post by Debbie at Debbie Dabble. 
It encapsulates much of what some of us have been feeling. It's very interesting. 

Here is an adorable heart bunting by Kippi At Home. This would be so cute for a wedding too. 

Have a great week. I can't wait to see what you are up to. 
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I appreciate all of you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 


  1. Lovin' that great workbench. super cute and functional. thanks for hosting, Katie!

  2. You certainly did get a lot accomplished, Katie. That work bench looks beautifully made! Thank you so much for hosting.

  3. Thank you Katie for your 52nd (1 year of parties !!) Let's Keep in Touch. Your work bench will make it so much easier to work on projects as well as a great drying spot. Your home is so very inviting.

  4. Beautiful inspiration Katie! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Katie, you've been busy! I'm doing the tote organization thing too -- it doesn't stop, does it, but all good!

  6. Katie,
    I was linking up last night before I went in to work and I was in a hurry and forgot to THANK YOU for mentioning my post about Blogging!!! THANK YOU!! The comments that this post received are the amazing part of the whole thing!! I will eventually do a Follow Up post highlighting some of the comments and the general feelings of the bloggers who responded so thank you for the Shout Out, my friend!!

  7. Katie,
    I l o v e your new workbench!
    A few years ago, I had "Mr.Ed" make a similar one from scrap
    'bits~'n~pieces' and add wheels so that I could move it around
    as needed within Studio One, My Creative Space. . .
    amazing how versatile that piece is!
    Love the addition of black & white to your cabinet display!

  8. Thanks for hosting, Katie. I'm going to check out Debbie's post. I missed it and now you have tweaked my curiosity..Happy Wednesday..Judy