Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Redo Of A Wooden Heart Video

Hi guys,

Here is a little video I shot of a heart that I worked on. I love how it came out. It's Valentine's Day inspired but I think hearts are fun for more than just February.

Have a great day.

Come back this afternoon for Keep In Touch.



  1. Hearts are good all day, every day of the year! And this is VERY cute! (Did your dog bark on cue when you said doghouse?! Perfect!)

  2. The heart looks so cute, Katie! I love all the hanging pieces on it. It's good to keep some of those fun things to add, as you never know when something might be needed.

  3. That is too cute, Katie. Love the keys tied with the baker's twine. Great start to Valentine's Day..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  4. My first thought was "key to my heart" Really nice for Valentine's Day or anytime. Thanks for sharing.