Saturday, January 12, 2019

My Valentine's Day Mantel

Hi all, 
How are you?  We are out at the lake trying to relax a little. 
I wanted to get some photos of our Valentine's Day mantel up. 
I also have a little video to share with you. 

I do not really watch T.V. anymore. Instead I watch YouTube. I control the content that goes into my mind. "Be careful little eyes what you see." comes to mind. I just can't do regular T.V.
I've been watching a lot of home decor YouTube channels. I've decided to give it a try. I'm not giving up my blog but I thought this would be in addition to it. 
Click on the link to get to my channel. If you watch YouTube, I'd love it if you would subscribe. 
Trust me. It's not going to be anything fancy but I thought you'd like to see a little more than a blog post can show you. 

The banner was made from scrapbook paper. The preschool cutting skills came in handy for that one. 

My red truck got some shredded tissue, a pip berry heart and a quilted heart. The I'm sure the pip berries were from a candle ring. It's super easy to shape a few berries into a heart. 
The quilted heart came from one of my favorite antique stores in Sulpher Springs, Texas. 
It usually stays out until fall. 

I've been slow to the tiny fairy light game. I bought a string a few years ago and they didn't work so I guess I was put off by them. These work great and they are on a timer so they'll turn on each evening. 

The clock was a $5.00 Goodwill find. The pitcher has been around a long time. I found it at an estate sale when we lived in Lubbock - long before white ironstone was in style. 
It got knock off of the mantel last night during the evening dog toy toss. Fortunately, it wasn't damaged. I'm not sure how, though. It's a good 5 foot drop from the mantel to the floor. 
The coffee pot came from an antique shop in Clifton, Texas. 
The gold frame is a recent estate sale find for $1.50.
The crock is a family piece but had been in the yard. 
The white candlesticks were collected. I've put battery operated candles in them. They're also on a timer. 

If you haven't been with me a while, you may not realize that I made the fireplace surround. 
The existing floating mantel was orange oak. In a fluke moment Bill told me I could paint it. I painted it the next morning before he changed his mind. 
This was before I painted nearly everything that couldn't run away. 
Now he is used to it. More importantly, he is okay with it. 

The white floating mantel didn't look right on the brick and it needed more. I went out into the garage, grabbed some scrap wood and stuck them vertically in between the hearth and the mantel. 

These are wedged in. They are not screwed to the brick but are screwed to each other. 
The area between the bottom of the mantel and the opening was filled in with more scrap lumber.  

Fluted molding dresses up the vertical pieces of wood. 

Two years later, I decided to add something to the top too. 

I went back out to the garage and foraged for scraps. Beadboard, 2x2s and fluted molding were thrown together and wedged inbetween the top of the mantel and the ceiling. Nothing has been drilled into the brick here either. It can all be removed but who would want to? 
I love our fireplace now. 

Here are the blog posts about the two fireplace makeovers. 
I'm a little surprised I did all that. 
Am I still that adventurous? 
There you have it. I hope you have a good weekend. I guess some of you are expecting snow.
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Your mantel is so cute.

    I haven't even thought about a mantel, but I have to work on a Valentine Pinterest challenge today. I'm looking at the twinkle lights you used on the truck and wondering where I can use some in the challenge.

  2. Your mantel is great! Love the red truck there. I still have an evergreen wreath on mine.... I need to get it in gear.

  3. The mantle is looking very cute!

    Please visit:

  4. The mantel is adorable. Love the little red truck. I love seeing your video too. I remember when you stenciled that dining room wall. You have more patience than anyone I know. It is beautiful so well worth all the work that went into it.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Well, your mantle is so pretty -- but I knew that from your other post. But I am knocked out at how you totally changed the look and feel of your fireplace. GORGEOUS work, you! The video looks nice and I like the music you chose for it!

  6. Katie, I just swapped a red rag string from Christmas and said it was a valentine piece. Just saved a trip to store it for a little while longer. Your mantle is so pretty and I am impressed that you did it all yourself. Not that I didn't think you could!Love the little red truck with his load of love. Happy Weekend..Judy

  7. Katie,
    Little red trucks are great for more than Christmas! Just the vehicle to carry a little Valentine cheer. I am impressed you made your own fireplace surround.


  8. Katie,
    I adore your little red truck!
    How did we ever manage housekeeping and decorating before timer battery candles?
    The mantle looks absolutely lovely.

  9. The new surround looks really nice! I like the gate for a screen too! xo Su

  10. You mantel decor is so pretty, Katie! I love the surround you created!

  11. Love your mantel and the video! I've been thinking about stepping out into the YouTube video world, but still have reservations. You did a great job changing your fireplace surround. Have a great one! Hugs!

  12. Sweet Valentine d├ęcor and you did an amazing job on your mantel!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!