Friday, February 1, 2019


Happy Friday!
I've really wanted to have chickens. I think that they would be so cute. 

The other day I decided to appeal to Bill's sense of frugality. 

It didn't work. 

We've been eating a lot of eggs, now that "they" have decided that eggs are okay. 

I explained that we would save so much money if we raised our own chickens. 

In a matter of years the chickens would pay for themselves. 

10 baby chicks are around $25.00. 

The feed is cheap. It's only $12.99. 

The five gallon waterer is only $37.99. 

 My chicken play house is only $499.00. 

I presented all this information rationally and reasonably and still he wasn't swayed. 
I guess I'm not getting my chickens. 

Being a chicken mom would have been too much fun!
If I can't have chickens, I can at least have cute chicken decor. I think I'll pull that out after Valentine's Day. 
I hope you have a wonderful day.
Do you have chickens? 


  1. Cute post, Katie! And quite a fun collection of chicks!

  2. My chickens are like your chickens...the stationary kind that don't provide anything but beauty.

  3. I love your cute chicken decor and your reasoning. I wonder how much it costs to hire someone to shovel out all the chicken poo from the chicken house. tehe.

  4. My great grandmother had chickens -they are some work, but the eggs are great. she had a murderous rooster. The poo was used to fertilize the garden the next year. every other year she started all over and the chickens were passed out to the family freezers after harvest. #Farmliving in KY

  5. Katie, my sister has chickens and several of our friends do too. One friend supplies us with fresh eggs from time to time. No real chickens here, but there are chickens to be found in our home. I think raising chidkens is more work that I'd want to commit to. The faux chicks are much easier.

  6. The Urban Farmer and I have eight chooks at the present time. This is our second go-round of raising chickens. We chose not to get a early alarm clock! Our neighbor had a rooster and it crowed all day long until he was dispatched to the family's freezer. They are a fair amount of work, capital outlay and continuing costs in feed, etc. They will also emulate the mean girls in middle school and pick on each other, to the point of drawing blood. The plus side is that we know how they are raised and what they are eating. For a while we had an ample supply of eggs and we donated the surplus to a church group. With the Polar Vortex going through the Midwest, they have hunkered down and only one or two are laying right now. Your chicks are cute and don't require cleaning up The poo is good for the garden, tho.

  7. You should come visit our small town...we have wild chickens that roam the streets (literally)! I have a few chickens, especially roosters, decorating my kitchen and my SIL has more than I do. She also has the "real thing" and uses the eggs in her baking and catering business. I have just found your blog and have been reading some of your posts:) I love your little red truck! I saw a similar one (maybe the same) on another blog and the blog owner had found it at WalMart during Christmas. Sadly our WM never had them or I would have grabbed one up faster than summer lightning! Your home is very pretty. I have never been one for a lot of white (I love color) but your white home makes me want to rethink things:)

  8. Love your chicken collection. I like decorating with chickens/mainly roosters, but have had lots of the small collectibles too. Not at all interested in raising chickens ... too much work.