Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Little Blush Pink In The Living Room

I saw this pillow cover at Hobby Lobby after Christmas.

These pillow covers by Merchant 41 are awesome. They have cute, current patterns and color and they are super affordable when they are on sale.
 For $5.50, we have a new look.

They are not in the home decor section but they're near the fabric.
In my store, they are on the same aisle as the drapery trims.
After 3 months of white, off white, and cream, I was ready for a pop of color and this pillow seemed perfect for late January and February.

I added some pink carnations from the grocery store. They have the nice soft ruffly feel of roses but they will last twice as long as roses and they are half the price. These should last two weeks.

An old pillow from Joann's sits on the brown leather chair.

The star of the show is our $8.00 painting.
I found this painting 20 years ago at a garage sale for $8.00. It is old - probably from the 1930s. The flower border against a garden wall is such a gorgeous motif.
I've adored it for years.

It's had a hiatus from the living room for several years but I'm happy to welcome it back.
The gold in the frame matches our gold mirror.

The bright blue delphiniums in the painting coordinate with the blue and white in the kitchen. 

The mantel has a couple of Valentine's Day touches.

I knew that my "go to" Tuesday Morning would have a blush colored throw. This is even better because it was the price of a throw but it's actually a blanket.

Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to add a little pop of blush.

Feel free to ooh and aah about our $8.00 painting. I knew then and I know now what a find it was.
Bill hasn't noticed the pink yet. I'm not sure exactly what he will say. I do know that I had a blush paint chip in the car because the powder room by his office needs a refresh.
 "You're going to paint pink next to my office?" was the question.
I don't know the answer to that yet but probably not.
Have a great day, friends.
I hope my friends in the midwest are staying warm by the fire.


  1. I really love your mirror and painting! The touch of pink is real pretty. xo Su

  2. Men are so territorial aren't they? I say anything outside his office is fair game!

  3. Love the pink pillow and, yes, that painting is exceptional. I have always loved those types of paintings. I would be in big trouble if my husband had an aversion to pink. I'm lucky he doesn't..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Katie,
    That $8 print is gorgeous!
    I always adore the 're~freshness' new pillows and throws bring to a room!
    Subtle color changes make a huge impact.

  5. Hi Katie! Such a lovely room! The pink touches add so much. And I love that floral painting too!

  6. That's really pretty there -- wonderful placement and the color is a nice pop. Thanks for pointing out where pillow covers are in your HL. I never know where to look and I never see anyone around to ask!

  7. Tell Bill, yes you ARE going to paint the room next to his office a super pale pink and he will love how soothing and relaxing it is! We had a rental house when our daughter was first born, our first house after a series of on-base housing and apartments, and it was painted the most beautiful shade of blush sand. A super pale pink with a beige undertone. I have never been able to recreate it but it was a color that both Charles and I loved ~ and he was a US Marine! :)

    Love your new pink pillow cover and what a great deal! I was just at HomeGoods earlier tonight and found a couple of things on clearance. Excited to share those soon!

    Happy decorating and thanks for sharing this week at Share Your Style #194,
    Barb :)

  8. Oh, Katie, I had a thought... Since your old painting is darker and really pulls the eye to it, had you thought about making a triptych around your mirror?? It would look really neat having two paintings flanking it and all the weight would be centered!

    Sorry, that's just me, and I do love your painting! <3 Pinning when we get good connectivity, too. :)

    Hugs again,
    Barb :)

  9. Love your decorating. The cushion looks great!