Sunday, March 10, 2019

Copper Accents/Ten on the 10th

I'm all about seasonal design resets. I've been in the midst of one for the last few weeks. Cupboards have been cleaned out and vignettes have been tweaked for spring. 
Welcome to Ten on the 10th where ten bloggers get together to share ideas under $10.00.
A big thank you to Benita from Chasing Quaintness for hosting. 

I've been watching Parisienne Farmgirl every Sunday night on YouTube. 
She's been a blogger for a long time but somehow I missed following her during my seven years of blogging. She's had her YouTube Channel for about four years but it only recently came up as recommended. My binge watching mode kicked in full force. I love this channel.  
She has a stunning wall featuring copper molds. I've been eyeing these at the thrift store for a while but I've walked away many, many times. They just seemed a little old school for our 90's home. 

The other day, I had to get two new tires put on the truck. The thrift store is conveniently right next to the tire store. As soon as the tires were finished, I headed on over and plopped some copper molds into my cart. Could I pull this look off? These weren't heavy duty French, copper molds. These are reproductions from the 60s or 70s. It might have been the new tire fumes but after weeks of looking at them, they were ours, much to Bill's chagrin. What's next? Tomato Aspic? 

I polished them up and for 24 hours I enjoyed how they looked on the counter. 
Bar Keeper's Friend is perfect for your tarnished metals. The tarnish literally disappears before your eyes. Don't worry the patina will come back. 

Our kitchen doesn't have a ton of wall space. 
I had one little area that could use a little fun. 
There is a perfect sliver of wall in between the French doors and the stair well wall. 

It's right next to the coat rack made from old molding salvage. 

The market bag was a craft store purchase. They are $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. 
I filled it with faux lavender and eucalyptus. 

The lobster got a little push back when I shared this on Facebook. 
It amuses me, though. My grandmother had a huge terrifying lobster dish. This reminds me of that. A rooster would have been preferred but this guy will do until I can hunt one down. 

How much did I spend? 
The big molds were $3.00 each. The two smaller fruit molds were $1.25 each. That would put me over the $10.00 for this challenge but all of the housewares were 45% off. 
The copper in the display cost me only $6.33. 
I adore how the copper pops off of the robin's egg blue wall. 
I got a kick out of the view coming down the stairs yesterday. 

If I'm able to upgrade this collection with earlier and better quality molds, these will be donated back to the thrift store - a win for both. 

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your taking the time to stop by.
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Have a blessed Sunday. 

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  1. The first thing I thought when I peeked was that corner might be hard to decorate. You however, made it so pretty!! I think the molds are perfect and the little coat rack is too. :)

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful and I love the copper molds!

  3. What a great find and I love the way you featured them. So pretty!

  4. You found the perfect spot for these beauties! I love them.

  5. I love vintage and antique molds and have a few hanging up. They are so fun. The lobster did indeed make me do a double take. LOL

  6. I love the molds and they look perfect next to your coat rack...a bit of French country! Great prices also! Hugs!

  7. I have 6 molds on a wall in my kitchen - some are mine, some ???. I lover copper in any form

  8. Okay, I vote that our next get together is at your super cute house! Every picture wants me to see it in real life! Pleeeeeaaaasssseee?! Love your new copper collection and the bag with flowers is a really cute idea. I've seen those bags so many times but just think - books. Not any more!

  9. I love the copper in your kitchen.....just a perfect place for something shiny! I am intrigued by the little door under the Peg rack....a storage area?

  10. Katie,
    I adore the copper molds on your sliver of wall!
    Some people love copper. . .but for me it's silver!
    You made some amazing purchases with your $10!
    Beautiful decor throughout your lovely Kitchen!

  11. Katie, the copper pieces are awesome on your wall ~ what a great find. I love the view through the open door to the pretty sunroom. All the bright white dishes and green plants are so welcoming. Feels like spring is on the way. Pinned.

  12. The copper stands out on that lovely blue wall. Pretty enough for a magazine spread!

  13. I really love how the molds look on your wall, Katie! They look perfect, and a great find.

  14. I have seen the molds at the thrift store and always walked by them...I may have to rethink that now. They look beautiful on your wall, Katie.

  15. I love copper -- it looks great on your wall and all the more so because of the family connection to some of them. I LOVE the lobster. And its placement gives a wonderful balance and vertical dimension to the arrangement.

  16. Beautiful! That's the perfect little spot for them! Great idea.

  17. This is such a gorgeous post! I shared one of your images in my Pin Away Wednesday's post about copper. I hope you enjoy it!