Thursday, March 7, 2019


When I find something that I absolutely love, I always want to share it with you. 
Two years ago,  a can of green spray paint caught my eye. It is the cutest green in my opinion. 
It's been used on so many things around here. I thought I'd blog about it. 
A second can was purchased so I could paint a few kitchen utensils.   

One of my favorite movies is "While You Were Sleeping." In one scene, the actress Micole Mercurio, talks about how the mashed potatoes are so creamy. She really enjoys her mashed potatoes in the scene. I feel the same way when I'm consuming carbs. Sadly, she is gone now. Everytime, we had mashed potatoes following that movie release, someone in the family would quote that line. It was almost a race to see who could quote it first. However, my mashed potatoes weren't that creamy because I used an old fashioned potato masher. It was looking a little sad when I found it in the drawer the other day. Tape and tin foil were used to cover the metal and then it got two coats of the moss green paint. RUST-OLEUM Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint and Primer is what I used. 
It's a pretty good match for two of my other vintage utensils.

One of the spatulas is vintage. In use, the paint was almost gone. The other spatula is newer but the wood was a little worn looking. A dot of petroleum jelly on the brass fasteners kept them free of paint. 

I think the chippy handle on the serving spoon is going to get a coat of poly urethane so it doesn't chip anymore. 

My hammer and favorite scraper got coated with it too. 

One of our vintage garden tools was looking a little shabby. 

The hand rake has the original paint. The spade needed a bit of a refresh. It's a pretty great match. 

My first project with this color was an old pair of rain boots that I painted back in March of 2015. 
It's shocking that this can of spray paint lasted this long. Usually the nozzle clogs over time. 

The boots are gone now. Unfortunately, the elements got to them. 
Two years later the cutest wheel barrow you've ever seen was painted with the same can. 

It's one of my favorite spring projects. It started out red and ended up moss green. 

It's almost time to pull this out for Easter. 

There is a lot of paint left in the second can.
I wonder what else will get coated with this wonderful green.
Have a great day.


  1. I love that totally vintage green color; can't believe you spray painted those boots. They turned out so cute. thanks for the tip!

  2. Love the vintage green Katie. So cute and great for Spring. I am loving the new lighter colors that spray paint is coming out with. I use it each year on my garden boots to spruce them up. They get so dull in the hot sun in the summer. Have a great end of this week and weekend.

  3. Katie you make me want to paint things green! while you were sleeping... I can't believe I haven't seen it!

  4. Great color - it definitely saws spring to me! Love the tip about petroleum jelly!

  5. Love the color you used. I wanted to paint a wood planter box the same color as my Fire King Jadeite dishes. I took one of the plates to the paint section in a hardware store. With the help of their computer, they mixed me the exact color.

  6. It's a great color and they look terrific!

  7. What a beautiful shade of green. I love soft greens and vintage items. Lovely post.

  8. Katie,
    I have a similar love for Rustoleum Spray Paint in Heirloom White. I buy that paint 3 cans at a time so I have plenty on hand for any project. My old wrought iron patio table needs a refresh right now, and it looks like Heirloom White is it!


  9. Such a great color, Katie! And I love how you painted the boots!