Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Simple Easter Bouquet/ Ten On The 10th.

I want to say a big thank you to Barbara from French Ethereal for hosting our Ten on the 10th this month.
If you are coming from Home Road, I'm so glad you are here. What a cute wreath.

Sometimes a simple bouquet of flowers is all you need. 
Easter is very late this year. I've had bunnies, ducklings and goslings out for weeks. I couldn't seem to muster the urge to pull together another Easter vignette. 
Until, I went to the grocery store. 
I usually stop into the floral section. Both of my stores have really good floral departments. 

Alstroemeria is a very affordable flower for arranging. 

They are usually under $5.00. 

I picked this bunch because they look like lilies. Lilies are perfect for Easter but they smell too strong for me. 
These don't have a fragrance.

Guess what? 
These lovely flowers are the product of South America. They are commonly called the Lilies of the Incas or Peruvian Lilies. I guess I'm not alone in my observation that they look like lilies.

Usually, I'll pick up a bundle of green filler. This time my yard provided the filler.

Anything with a bright spring green tone was clipped for the arrangement. 
A plain white pitcher served as a vase.

Pull green leaves off of the bottom of all the stems before adding them to the container.

Cut the stems to the desired length.

To round out the display, I put one of my Lenox crosses on a gorgeous book of Psalms given to me by my aunt.

The book is open to the 91st Psalm. This is the one I'm currently memorizing.
"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."
I just love that.
As a home decor blogger, our dwelling is important. I've been pondering what it means to dwell in God's shelter. I always need to find rest and security in the Lord since I have such anxiety at times.

Two of my Lenox crosses were put aside when I packed up the rest of my Christmas ornaments.
I love that they can be display for more than one holiday.

These flowers are pretty long lasting. They should last about two weeks.
They'll probably need replacing before the Easter meal but they delight for now.

I love the bit of fern that was left over from dividing one. 

I adore the pansy pitcher. I found it at antique shop.

The light was so pretty on Monday morning.

A pitcher of flowers, a cross, and a special book. I spent $4.00.
Use what you have and then add some fresh flowers. No crafting or thrifting required.
Happy Easter!
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I hope you are inspired.
Have a great day.


  1. That is beautiful!! Happy Easter!

  2. Very pretty Katie! There is nothing like fresh flowers to make your day!

  3. It looks beautiful and love that you put them in a tray.

  4. Your flower arrangement is perfect and I love the color! I will sometimes purchase these small bouquets as well. They look pretty and there is no odor to overpower your home! Hugs!

  5. I am inspired, Katie. Thank you! <3 I have an final Easter post in mind and it'll be about the real reason for Easter, coming soon... Saved several photos, as I always do, but one especially to my Faith board. Lovely vignette with your aunt's Psalms book, the alstroemeria and your Lennox cross!

    Happy to be with you for 10 on the 10th,
    Spring hugs,
    Barb :)

  6. What a gorgeous grouping! had no idea that Lennox made crosses. I need one!

  7. I always love fresh flowers Katie. No matter how gloomy the day, they cheer me up. Lovely vignette! Happy Easter


    I was sharing my testimony of physical healing and deliverance that came about from reciting Psalm 91 daily for four years after suffering from disabling and "new on the horizon" co-infections associated with Lyme disease. Right before hitting "send" the internet dropped and our home internet server disappeared for a few seconds nowhere to be found to reconnect. My original message was lost when I was able to reconnect a few seconds later).

    No doctor, scientist, or medical team had an answer and could not help me. I had no other hope than in the great physician and Psalm 91. Praise God after four horrific years of torture Jehovah Rophi healed me from the fowler's snare and the noisome pestilence! While I still deal with disabling chronic autoimmune illnesses and have for over 20 years, it is nothing compared to what I was experiencing.

    Thank you Jesus for Easter, and the cross, for spiritual and bodily healing, and your living word! Every believer needs to memorize this verse for daily recitation, especially in the hour in which we are living.

    Thank you Katie for sharing this beautiful post. Love the flowers and the vignette. Happy Easter!

  9. Such a beautiful vignette, Katie. I just love fresh flowers!

  10. I always love ten on the tenth because I'm always trying to come up with fun things for under $10. This is very pretty, Katie -- the white ironstone is perfect for it.

  11. so pretty, Katie. that little pitcher with the fern start is so precious. I love the 91 Psalm and pray that often over my family. It's such a comfort during times of stress and illness. thankyou for sharing that. sending hugs and blessings Deb

  12. I’m admiring the vintage mailbox inside your door! I love it!!!

  13. Katie,
    Such pretty flowers and they definitely brighten one's day...It is dark , rainy and cold here so I really enjoyed seeing these!! I also love that vintage mailbox!! I had a red one in the Den for Christmas but I just may have to look for an "everyday" one!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. Katie, what a lovely way to share a special Bible verse. Using the cross with the beautiful flower arrangement is a wonderful way to be reminded of the beauty and meaning of Easter. Thank you for sharing.