Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Keep In Touch # 64

Well, well, well. 
How are you? Welcome to Keep In Touch. 
I try not to keep tabs on my page views but I'll just say that my page views are down since they shut down The Scoop. I haven't visited those blogs since either. 
I wonder if their page views are down as well? It is my prediction that they will be. I visited for the party but I usually clicked on other posts when I was there if something caught my eye. 
Tell me what you think in the comments below. 
I've enjoyed these continuous chats about blogging in 2019. 

We were super busy this past weekend with out deck refresh project. I just need to get photos and then I'll share. 
We had challenges but we managed to get a gazebo cover put together. It was an ordeal but our marriage survived. Haha. 

I love it so far. 

My blog posts have slowed down as life has sped up.  I'm not putting up blog posts if I don't have anything to say. 

 I'll be overhauling the spring decor after Sunday. Actually, we have company on Friday night so I may over haul things on Saturday because that's the way I roll. 
I found this adorable chicken at the thrift store. 

I'm thinking about going with a farm fresh theme to show off some of my chicken collectables. 

We took the trailer out in November. After our big rehab project the slide out wouldn't work. 
We towed it up to a new R.V. dealer to see is they can fix it. 

We are toying with the idea of selling it. I don't know though. 
That is what is up. 
Do you hate it when repair men are here? I have one outside working on the gutters. I can't relax especially if someone is on the roof or on a ladder. 

Our feature is from A Day Of Small Things. I thought the tea towel turned pillow was adorable and be sure to hop over and wish the Princess a happy birthday. 

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  1. I love that Gazabo. We are thinking of getting one for our deck. I saw one that pops up like a umbrella that you can move and take down too. A lot less money. I do like the look of yours.
    Happy Easter.

  2. I also miss The Scoop! Your gazebo looks great!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!
    Happy Easter!!

  4. yes, I miss the scoop and Wow Us Wednesday. it's now hard to keep up with everyone's new and interesting posts. there is a connection within the link parties that is now gone. my blog list is long as it is, so I relied on the link parties to help me keep track of everyone. Love the gazebo Katie; big projects are always a stress on relationships, haha. We've had a year long stressor.

  5. I love the way your patio looks and the gazebo is great. Thanks for hosting the fun and enjoy the week and have a happy Easter.

  6. Hi Katie. Thanks for hosting. Your gazebo looks beautiful. It will be so nice when the hot sun comes out. I have thought about dropping all linky parties altogether (I am down to two). I don't seem to get any new comments but I do get quite a few views, so maybe that does mean that people are reading. Although I don't know what the average amount of views should be? It is fun having these little discussions and your patio is looking so great. Love your rug..Have a good day..Judy

  7. I'd hoped to join in the party this week but I think it's too late so I'll hold till next time. I love seeing your gazebo, all your pretties. I just participate in your party and a couple of others, more because I like sharing and often will find someone new to visit or someone new visits me and even if they don't, why not? I haven't been world's best blog visitor since Rick's accident. It seems hard to keep up every day (I honestly don't know how people who post every day do it and I'm pretty sure I never catch up with them.) Seems like if I miss things for a few days there are maybe not hundreds of posts to catch up on but darned close! I"m trying not to post just for the heck of throwing something up, either but thee days it's just been a little frantic. All shall be well, though. Meanwhile, I love what you shared here and if I don't encounter another post of yours before Easter, I hope it is happy!

  8. Hi Katie, I miss the Scoop and have been finding other parties to link up with -but, Stonegable teamed up with "My Wee Abode" and "Serving Up Southern" this week! You can still add your link.

    Your gazebo is lovely and will be a joy during the summer.

    Happy Easter,