Thursday, April 25, 2019

British Colonial Style

Bill and I were at an estate sale a few years ago. 
I saw this painting hanging on the wall. 

I recognized it as a page from an old Victoria Magazine. 

I subscribed to that magazine for ten years if not longer and I still have the page in my stash of Victoria Magazines. That magazine was my "go to" source for our decor. They were organized by month and each month I'd pull out that month's stash and peruse them for inspiration. 
Each issue was so familiar to me that I could almost immediately locate any image. 

The painting was $3.00 at the sale. The frame coordinated with the wicker furniture in the painting but it didn't do the painting justice. Painting the frame has been on my to do list for a while. 

It finally got a couple of coats of white paint the other day. 

The painting is the inspiration for our summer decor. 
Nowadays, I'll peruse Pinterest instead of magazines but Pinterest didn't have the kind of inspiration pictures I was looking for. 

I remembered another image from Victoria. After all the Easter decor was packed away, the dining table became a staging area and all my magazines were searched. I don't have the issues memorized like I used to. 

I'm craving a Victorian British Colonial Style/West Indies Style that is perfect with our Texas climate. I don't want anything too beachy but something that looks fitting for a tropical local. 
It's a look that will go with my white decor but I can add some warm accessories to give it a "collected over time" look. That's how this place looks most of the time. 
Ferns and other tropical plants will be added to create that feeling of sitting on a Veranda during the heat of the summer. That's not really option here is Texas. We can't really sit outside during July and August. 

I'd love some mosquito netting for our bedroom. 

I have spent the last few days digging up all of my greenery that will work. 

The parrot bookends came from Bill's grandparents. 

The heron tea pot came from my grandparents. 
How fabulous are these collectables? 

There will be ferns and other palms. I'd love to have real plants but I don't know if I can keep them alive. 
We used to have animal print fabric but it was purged a long time ago. 

 That's what is going on over here.
What are you up to? 
Have a great day.  


  1. One of my favorite styles since Out of Africa came out. Amazing that you could recognize that Victoria image. I'm excited to see how you style this; love your Heron teapot!

  2. I have loved "Victoria" for a very long time and that picture is wonderful. And you are rocking the British Colonial. It all looks terrific, Katie!

  3. I still get Victoria magazine however don't have my back issues from years ago like i use to have.
    Love how you are rearranging the painting and your room.
    I still have my animal prints
    It's always interesting to see your newest project

    /Love the Heron enamel pot, maybe coffee?

    Im looking for the short teapot in style similar

  4. I love the Victoria magazine picture. Can you tell me what issue it was in? Looking forward to seeing you redecorating. Bettina

  5. Love your painting and I'm loving all the inspiration photos, too...such a lovely style! Can't wait to see what you do!

  6. Love all the inspiration Katie. This is going to be such a lovely style. Love the painting too.
    I cannot wait to see what you do.

  7. I too have always loved the British Colonial decor, but it never quite fit with my midwest Indiana demographic or climate. I always said "someday" but at 76 years old, I may be running out of time.
    Can't wait to see what you do. I'm sure it will be lovely.

  8. Katie, we sure are on the same wave length. I recognized the painting as I have kept almost all of Victoria since it started. I don't like the new, slicker magazine as much as the older ones, but I still get it. When in doubt, bring out Victoria and I love the way you are going with this idea. It will be so pretty..Happy Weekend..Judy