Friday, May 31, 2019

The Woodland Fairy Garden Centerpieces

I lied. 
A big Amazon order came to the door. 
One of the envelopes was ripped open at the corner and it sounded like the contents was broken. 
I looked inside.

The envelope was full of metal sprinklers. 
I was confused but it was birthday season so I closed up the envelope and stacked all of the boxes in the dining room.  
When Bill got home from work he asked me if I looked inside the broken envelope. 
I wasn't sure he bought it. 
I was completely perplexed about the sprinklers. 
Was I getting a sprinkler system for my birthday? 
Then it dawned on me while I was setting up a sprinkler in the yard. 
Sprinkler - Sprinkles. 
Let's Add Sprinkles.
It was something to do with my birthday party. 
Was he making centerpieces out of the sprinklers? 
Giving them away as party favors? 
I got to my party two weeks ago. 
No sprinklers were on the tables. 
He passed out favors but nothing. No sprinklers. 
We got in the car after the party. 
I asked "What happened to the sprinklers?"

He started laughing and told me about some very complicated centerpieces he had planned. 
He'd been sneaking around spray painting, glue gunning, drilling holes, cutting wood. 
I had no clue even though I walked right by something he was crafting. 
I had to unplug the glue gun one day - losing the battle in my mind about whether I should ask him if he was finished with it.

He envisioned wood bases covered in moss. 

The sprinklers were in the middle with glitter sprays coming out to resemble water.

Garlands covered up the PVC pipes which he spray painted silver to match the sprinklers.

He cut out the bottom of little galvanized watering can picks to be set over votives.

He was going to sprinkle the table with birch logs and pebbles.

He made four of these bases. He spent hours on them. He made numerous trips to the craft stores.

He got them all done and decided that they looked horrible.
"Less is more, Mansfield." is what he said to himself.

He took them over to our friend's house to hide them and to seek their opinion.
Our friends were affirming but Bill wasn't buying it.

He didn't like them at all and didn't take them to the party which was fine because they changed the tables on him. They wouldn't have fit.
We were both laughing as he told me the story about these sprinkler centerpieces.
He said, "I knew you saw those sprinklers."
I'm not a very good liar.

While Bill was at work, I styled it with my fairy garden stuff to show Bill how darling these are.

The sparkler picks really do look like water.

What do you think?
Can you believe that he came up with this?
It's adorable. He is a darling.
I have three more of these. I'd send them to y'all if I could ship them.
Have a great weekend! 
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  1. How fun about the sprinkler centerpiece. Love how cute the fairy garden is for the center piece.
    Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love it and so happy Bill did that for you. Mr.Z. would never have attempted anything like that.

  3. I read the sprinkler comment. You acted very innocent like a kid. Right away I said, busted.

    Your husband is a doll and gets a HUGE A for effort. He sure loves you and that's the best part.

    Enjoy your weekend